A Sky and Sea getaway...

A Sky and Sea getaway ... Add a little nostalgia, romance or adventure to your life! The next Weekend Getaway will be September 9th through the 11th to Long Beach, California. The locals say that September has the best weather of the year! Your Friday airport destination is the Signature FBO at the Long Beach Airport (LGB), and from...


USFS Wildfire Avoidance and Information

Below is a presentation on federal and state wildfire aviation operations in southeastern Arizona. The presentation provides information about types of fire fighting aircraft, how they are used at and near wildfires, and the conditions they operate in. Fire season normally starts in March and concludes in October in southern Arizona, although wildfires can occur year round when dry conditions...


Airparks of Arizona

AIRPARK NAME / CONTACT CITY HOMES / SITES REALTOR Big Springs Airpark Prescott 12 Mgr: Peter Hartman (928) 626-7207 Castle Wells Morristown 5/10 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...


APA Scholarship Program

The Arizona Pilots Association awards scholarships each year to deserving students of the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Aviation Program. With these scholarships we hope to further the education of students who intend to work in the field of aviation; be it as a pilot or as an aircraft maintenance technician. Applicants must maintain a scholastic position in the...


Backcountry Airstrip Safety Information

These bulletins were produced by the APA and RAF (http://www.theraf.org) to provide information to increase the safety of pilots choosing to fly into these backcountry airstrips. See locations on Google Maps (https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=210717304110163998128.0004cd3f14faf3845780d msa=0 ll=33.979809,-109.401855 spn=5.756351,13.392334 iwloc=0004cd3f2cedf4e38a7ca). Double Circle Ranch/Eagle Creek (images/attachments/DoubleCircleInfoPamphlet.pdf) Grapevine (images/attachments/GrapevineInfoPamphlet.pdf) Pleasant Valley Young, AZ (images/attachments/PleasantValleyInfoPamphlet.pdf) Red Creek (images/attachments/RedCreekInfoPamphlet.pdf) Grand Gulch (images/attachments/GrandGulchInfoPamphlet.pdf)

Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016
Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016 By Mark Spencer By the time this is published we will have had our first fall backcountry fly in behind us. I am itching to jump into the Cub and head up to 24AZ, Young Arizona for the Labor Day weekend. Temps are cooling, the Monsoon is nearly dissipating, and we’ll have several months ahead that folks in other parts of the country only dream about.… Read more...Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016
Young Labor Day Weekend
Young Labor Day Weekend By Mark Spencer This weekend’s fly in camp and Labor Day celebrations in Young would be hard to describe as anything but incredible, so much so that it will likely become an annual APA event! Of course, every successful fly in starts with participation, and from that perspective, we had no issues. In all, 20 aircraft and roughly 20 aviators and friends took… Read more...Young Labor Day Weekend
September Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm September 2016 The following are the NTSB reports of the aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from mid-July thru late August, 2016. We will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings to help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and then take the action necessary to prevent similar accidents from happening to… Read more...September Aviation Accident Summary
September 2016 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm September 2016 With the monsoon season in full swing it’s becoming challenging to find suitable flying weather. We’ve had to be a bit flexible in picking out where to fly out for the Saturday morning breakfast. Fly safe, and this monsoon season will soon be behind us and we will have better (and cooler) mornings. This year at EAA AirVenture, FAA Administrator… Read more...September 2016 Executive Director's Report
Greenlee County Cattle Growers Meeting 2016
Greenlee County Cattle Growers Meeting by Suzanne Menges The 102nd annual meeting of the Greenlee County Cattle Growers Association was held on Saturday, August 20th, at the historic Double Circle Lodge at Upper Eagle Creek. This year the Association was pleased to host featured speaker Mr. Mark Killian, Director of the Arizona State Department of Agriculture. Mr. Killian addressed… Read more...Greenlee County Cattle Growers Meeting 2016
Navajo Christmas Airlift
Navajo Christmas Airlift by Gregory McColley While the temperatures have not yet quite chilled off, our thoughts naturally start to turn to the Navajo Christmas Airlift coming in November. For so many of us, the Airlift is very special intro to the Holiday season and a wonderful representation through the hundreds of pilots and donors that the Navajo Airlift has touched so many hearts.… Read more...Navajo Christmas Airlift

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  • Camping in Pleasant Valley Enjoying a beautiful weekend in May camping in Young, AZ, at Pleasant Valley.
  • Double Circle Ranch Early Photos Double Circle Ranch manager and partner, Abner T. Wilson & his family circa 1910
  • Grapevine at Roosevelt Lake A 3800' asphalt runway just steps away from Roosevelt Lake.
  • Double Circle Ranch at Eagle Creek This year marks the beginning of the reopening process of the beautiful Double Circle Ranch and airstrip near Clifton, AZ.

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These bulletins were produced by the APA and RAF to provide information to increase the safety of pilots choosing to fly into these backcountry airstrips. See locations on Google Maps.


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