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  Early aviators faced challenges unseen by today’s pilots. Beginning in fragile, open cockpit machines of wire, cloth, and wood with less than powerful engines, pilots fought the elements and searched for landing spots without maps, radios, and other modern equipment. Join award-winning author William D. Kalt III for a thrilling journey above the nation's 48th state.… Read more...Products and Services
Corporate Sponsors
Our corporate sponsors are passionate and committed to our mission of supporting aviation education, safety, advocacy, and the many other facets of the Arizona Pilots Association. Each partner is critical to our mission, and through their generosity we are preserving and promoting general aviation in Arizona. The APA would like to thank all of our corporate partners and we look forward to… Read more...Corporate Sponsors
Member Discounts
Present your Membership Card to receive our special negotiated discounts!  Using the free app Airport Courtesy Cars, the following businesses offer discounts to pilots:  The West End Cafe, walking distance from the Kearny Airport (E67) 10 cent per gallon fuel discount from Southwest Aviation in Benson (E95), and while there take the courtesy car into town for a discount at the… Read more...Member Discounts
Liability Waiver
The liability waiver must be completed for any APA sponsored fly-in event.  Please sign and either mail, email, or fax to 520-826-3101. Liability Waiver     For more information contact Craig Albright or Stefanie (520) 826-2105. 

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