May 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  May 2018  In case you haven’t noticed, summer is knocking on our door, and I’m not all that keen on the idea of having to get up so early if I want smooth flying conditions. At least we can get some flying in without encountering all the adverse weather conditions some other pilots have to contend with in other parts of the country....  Read more...May 2018 Executive Director's Report
Double Circle Fly In & Camp
Double Circle Fly In & Camp  By Mark Spencer The Spring backcountry fly in season is nearly over, but come out and enjoy one of our last two events. It’s Grapevine (88AZ) May 18th through 20th, which is our last hosted Grapevine event until fall. To end the season, on Memorial Day weekend we’ll be at Pleasant Valley (24AZ) just outside...  Read more...Double Circle Fly In & Camp
May 2018 Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm  May 2018  The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late March thru late April. The Arizona Pilots Association uses this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and then hopefully they will...  Read more...May 2018 Aviation Accident Summary
Summertime in the Desert (GAARMS)
GAARMS Report: May 2018   Fred Gibbs  (Your guy in Flagstaff) April has turned out to be the month of one of the most deadly crashes we have seen in quite a while. The crash of the Piper Comanche taking off out of Scottsdale airport took the lives of 6 beautiful young people on their way to Las Vegas for a fun time! If you want to read a whole...  Read more...Summertime in the Desert (GAARMS)
Women Pilots
Women Pilots  Howard Deevers  The opinions expressed here are of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Arizona Pilots Association or any other group of aviators. By now you must have heard of the emergency landing of a Southwest Airlines flight in Philadelphia on April 17, 2018. The Captain on that flight was a female pilot; the...  Read more...Women Pilots
Arizona Airport Focus: Bagdad (E51)
Arizona Airport Focus: Bagdad (E51)  By Brian Schober  Copper is one of the staple industries in Arizona. It has played, and still plays, an important role in our state, as more than 68% of the copper used in the United States in 2017 came from Arizona. Ask any state legislator what the 3 C’s of Arizona are and they’ll tell you “Coper,...  Read more...Arizona Airport Focus: Bagdad (E51)
Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez - It Was Double Fun
Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez - It Was Double Fun  Friday, April 27, 2018, members of the APA flew to Santa Barbara, CA, and enjoyed the scenery, food, and the landmarks. After landing in beautiful VFR weather on the beach, we headed up to the Santa Barbara Mission and took the self guided tour through this 200 year old complex. This is the queen of the 21 missions...  Read more...Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez - It Was Double Fun
Payson April Fly-In
Payson April Fly-In  By Ken & James Nebrig, & Mark Spencer  “Incredible!” That’s the best description of our April 6-8 fly-in to Payson, Arizona, (KPAN) for a weekend of fun and air camping at the Payson Airport Campground. The weather was absolutely beautiful as over 30 aircraft and nearly 70 people descended on...  Read more...Payson April Fly-In
April 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  April 2018  Spring is in full swing, and the flying weather has been generally pretty good thus far. With some daytime temperatures already in the 90’s, and the increased number of bugs that come with that, I’ve already been finding my windshield spattered with an unavoidable bug or two. Spring is here, or I’ve just been...  Read more...April 2018 Executive Director's Report
Arizona Legislature GA Caucus
Arizona Legislature GA Caucus  By Mark Spencer Thanks to Representative Todd Clodfelter, District 10 in the Tucson area, we had our third successful General Aviation Caucus meeting in Phoenix on Tuesday March, 20th at the state legislature building. On the agenda were two presentations: the first was by Adam Hawkins from Global External Relations, and...  Read more...Arizona Legislature GA Caucus
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