November 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm November 2017 It looks like the Arizona fun flying season may have officially started with the Copperstate Fly In at Falcon Field at the end of October. The weather was good, and it looked like quite a few people flew in for the event. In addition to many vendors, the APA was there, and it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet and visit with many of… Read more...November 2017 Executive Director's Report
October 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm October 2017 WOW, fall is finally here, the temperatures have been great, and we have been able to go flying without getting banged around and cooked. Sure hope it stays this way, but I’m sure we are still in for a few days of hot weather yet before cooler winter is here for good. There are a lot of fly-ins and aviation events showing up on the schedule. Have fun,… Read more...October 2017 Executive Director's Report
September 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm September 2017 Summer must be coming to an end, kids are going back to school, vacation travels are ending, and the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh is over. This year’s AirVenture had outstanding weather. The temperatures were comfortable, and it was unmarked by any severe wind and/or rain storms. This year’s event did have some rather notable events such as an… Read more...September 2017 Executive Director's Report
August 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm August 2017 This month’s report may be a bit brief because I’m writing it while I’m attending the annual EAA AirVenture Fly In at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This year’s event is celebrating a lot of things as usual, but of particular interest to me was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo manned space program, and I was lucky enough to get… Read more...August 2017 Executive Director's Report
July 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm July 2017 Summer really is here! It doesn’t feel like it’s possible to get up early enough to beat the heat and go flying. It’s a taxing time of the year for both pilot and plane. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but this time of the year flying becomes more of a chore than all fun. Thank goodness it doesn't last very long. When you get out… Read more...July 2017 Executive Director's Report
June 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm June 2017 Summer is here. Many of the usual Saturday morning fly in breakfasts have shut down for the duration, many of the aviation activities are slowing down, and you have to get up pretty early to enjoy any comfortable flying. So what’s new! It’s that time of the year again, so just find a cool spot, sit back, and relax. When you do go flying, please watch… Read more...June 2017 Executive Director's Report
May 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm May 2017 Is everybody out there flying? I hope so. According to the NTSB the number of aircraft accidents occurring in Arizona has been down significantly lately. I hope everyone has been out there flying as usual, but doing it more safely! Better get out there and join that fly out to breakfast group, and have some fun because summer is coming fast, like it or not. That… Read more...May 2017 Executive Director's Report
April 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm April 2017 In spite of some occasional rain we have had, the flying weather has been great, and I hope everyone has been taking advantage of it. With all the flying events that have been going on, it’s sometimes difficult fitting in as many as we would like. There’s a lot to see, so let’s go flying, but do it safely. With the President’s new budget… Read more...April 2017 Executive Director's Report
March 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm March 2017 This past February we have had a few weekends messed up with bad weather, preventing flying out for breakfast or lunch, but overall, outside of the rainy weekends, the flying was great. We need to take advantage of our good flying weather while we can. There are a lot of aviation events coming up soon. When you are out there attending some of them, if they are… Read more...March 2017 Executive Director's Report
February 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm February 2017 The month of January started off with bad weather for flying and it has seemed that almost every Saturday has not been the greatest for flying out for breakfast. The New Year started with a tragic weather related fatal accident that really never should have happened. While we are going through this period of questionable weather, please don't push your luck.… Read more...February 2017 Executive Director's Report
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