April 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  April 2018  Spring is in full swing, and the flying weather has been generally pretty good thus far. With some daytime temperatures already in the 90’s, and the increased number of bugs that come with that, I’ve already been finding my windshield spattered with an unavoidable bug or two. Spring is here, or I’ve just been...  Read more...April 2018 Executive Director's Report
March 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  March 2018  It’s that time of the year that we are having a number of fly-ins and airport open house events. Keep your eye on the calendar, and take some of them in. It’s a lot of fun to take the time to go to some of the events and see what’s happening in aviation around the state. Besides, it’s a good excuse to get out...  Read more...March 2018 Executive Director's Report
February 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  February 2018  I hope all of you have been able to start the new year right by getting in some time aviating around. The weather has been great, and there are a lot of places for us to fly out for that proverbial $100 Breakfast or Hamburger Lunch. Let’s get out and do it, but do it safely!!  Our calendar is full of fly in events both...  Read more...February 2018 Executive Director's Report
January 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  January 2018  I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season, Santa was good to you, and all your Christmas surprises were good ones. The early Saturday morning breakfast flights are a bit cool, and the aircraft performance has really been impressive compared to last summer. I really wish the pilots’ performance could improve by the...  Read more...January 2018 Executive Director's Report
December 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm December 2017 Thanksgiving is over and the temperatures still seem to be like warm, mid-fall while this report is being written. The early mornings are nice and cool, and the improved aircraft performance is really appreciated, making flying a lot more fun. I hope everyone is out enjoying it and doing it safely.  Locally, the next few months are...  Read more...December 2017 Executive Director's Report
November 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm November 2017 It looks like the Arizona fun flying season may have officially started with the Copperstate Fly In at Falcon Field at the end of October. The weather was good, and it looked like quite a few people flew in for the event. In addition to many vendors, the APA was there, and it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet and...  Read more...November 2017 Executive Director's Report
October 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm October 2017 WOW, fall is finally here, the temperatures have been great, and we have been able to go flying without getting banged around and cooked. Sure hope it stays this way, but I’m sure we are still in for a few days of hot weather yet before cooler winter is here for good. There are a lot of fly-ins and aviation events showing up on the...  Read more...October 2017 Executive Director's Report
September 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm September 2017 Summer must be coming to an end, kids are going back to school, vacation travels are ending, and the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh is over. This year’s AirVenture had outstanding weather. The temperatures were comfortable, and it was unmarked by any severe wind and/or rain storms. This year’s event did have some rather notable...  Read more...September 2017 Executive Director's Report
August 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm August 2017 This month’s report may be a bit brief because I’m writing it while I’m attending the annual EAA AirVenture Fly In at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This year’s event is celebrating a lot of things as usual, but of particular interest to me was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo manned space program, and I was...  Read more...August 2017 Executive Director's Report
July 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm July 2017 Summer really is here! It doesn’t feel like it’s possible to get up early enough to beat the heat and go flying. It’s a taxing time of the year for both pilot and plane. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but this time of the year flying becomes more of a chore than all fun. Thank goodness it doesn't last very long....  Read more...July 2017 Executive Director's Report
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