January 2014 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm JANUARY 2013 I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year. The new year is going to be filled with a lot of new challenges for all of us and the Arizona Pilots Association. One of the challenges for me will be to find more time for flying my airplane and meeting other APA members around the state. We all need to get out there and aviate,...  Read more...January 2014 Executive Director's Report
December 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm DECEMBER 2013 Fall is here and flying has been great! With the fly in’s and other flying events taking place, it’s difficult to decide which to take in with everything that's happening. It was good to have had the opportunity to visit with many of you that stopped by the APA and RAF display at the recent Copperstate Fly In at Casa Grande. I would guess that...  Read more...December 2013 Executive Director's Report
November 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm NOVEMBER 2013 Fall is finally here and flying is once again comfortable and it’s now possible to go flying almost any time of the day without getting cooked alive in the cockpit or getting all beat up with the turbulence. Let’s get out there and enjoy it, but please fly safe! Along with the cooler weather there are a lot of flying activities being scheduled....  Read more...November 2013 Executive Director's Report
October 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm OCTOBER 2013 Fall is rapidly approaching and and hopefully cooler flying weather. We are beginning to see an increase in the number of flying events taking place and our winter flying snowbirds should also be returning shortly. Fly safe and I hope to see you at some of the upcoming events. In reviewing the accident reports over an extended period of time, you...  Read more...October 2013 Executive Director's Report
September 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm SEPTEMBER 2013 The flying still isn’t much fun in this hot weather we have been having. While I was at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, I was pleasantly surprised to run into many of you there also. I think we all agreed, that the weather this year was the best we have ever seen for many years. Cool and no rain or strong winds. I wish we could have brought some...  Read more...September 2013 Executive Director's Report
August 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm AUGUST 2013 The dog days of summer are here and flying isn’t as much fun as it was a short while back. I can imagine many of you are looking for ways to escape the valley heat and head for cooler climes. Like several others, I am also getting ready to head for AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Presently it’s even hot there, but, hopefully that will change....  Read more...August 2013 Executive Director's Report
July 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm JULY 2013 Well, summer is here and fun flying is grinding to a halt. Some how it seems a bit strange because just as the folks in the northern part of the country are getting their airplanes out for the start of the flying season we are going into a summer hibernation of sorts. Anyway, when heading for the north country, please be sure to check the density...  Read more...July 2013 Executive Director's Report
June 2013 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm JUNE, 2013 I hope everyone is able to enjoy the cool early morning flying weather. Summer is rapidly approaching. On Saturday May 18 we had the 2013 APA Annual membership meeting and we couldn’t have asked for finer weather for those that elected to fly in. Everyone had a good time and it was good to see some of you again. We had the annual directors election...  Read more...June 2013 Executive Director's Report
May 2013 Executive Director's Report
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTBY JIM TIMM I trust everyone is getting out there and taking advantage of the good flying weather. I fear it won’t last long enough, so lets go flying and take advantage of it while we still have it with us. But please fly safe! Be sure to put Saturday May 18 On your calendar for the Annual APA Membership Meeting. This years meeting will be...  Read more...May 2013 Executive Director's Report
March 2013 Executive Director's Report
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTMARCH, 2013 The flying weather has generally been excellent and there are a lots of aviation events happening around the state and it’s difficult deciding which ones to go to. So, in the mean time, fly safely and enjoy as many of the events as you can. We keep seeing more and more in the media about the use of UAVs in an ever expanding range of...  Read more...March 2013 Executive Director's Report
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