May 2013 Executive Director's Report
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTBY JIM TIMM I trust everyone is getting out there and taking advantage of the good flying weather. I fear it won’t last long enough, so lets go flying and take advantage of it while we still have it with us. But please fly safe! Be sure to put Saturday May 18 On your calendar for the Annual APA Membership Meeting. This years meeting will be...  Read more...May 2013 Executive Director's Report
March 2013 Executive Director's Report
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTMARCH, 2013 The flying weather has generally been excellent and there are a lots of aviation events happening around the state and it’s difficult deciding which ones to go to. So, in the mean time, fly safely and enjoy as many of the events as you can. We keep seeing more and more in the media about the use of UAVs in an ever expanding range of...  Read more...March 2013 Executive Director's Report
February Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm The flying weather has been good and the lower temperatures have been great for improved engine and airplane performance along with our own. In some cases it’s been a bit too cold for some of us “desert rats”, Please remember, we are in that time of the year that care needs to be exercised when encountering snow and icing conditions. From AOPA, we just...  Read more...February Executive Director's Report
January Executive Director's Report
JANUARY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTJanuary, 2013Jim Timm The flying weather has been good and the lower temperatures have been great for improved engine and airplane performance along with our own. We are moving into that time of the year to again be wary of rain/snow/icing issues. Have a happy new year and please fly safe! Last month we discussed the Federal...  Read more...January Executive Director's Report
December Executive Director's Report
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT December, 2012 The flying weather has really been great so far this year. The real challenge has been deciding where to fly to with so many things to choose from each weekend.  The UAV issue has really been heating up lately with the latest word being that because of safety concerns and privacy issues, the...  Read more...December Executive Director's Report
Executive Director's Report - September 2012
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTSEPTEMBER 2012Jim Timm In these “Dog Days” of summer, it’s pretty hot to do much flying and things have been pretty quiet. This year I made my annual trip to the Oshkosh EAA AirVenture fly in via the airlines. It wasn’t very much faster nor nearly as much fun as flying my own airplane, but it was cheaper. Remember when commercial air...  Read more...Executive Director's Report - September 2012
July 2012 Executive Director's Report
Jim Timm, Executive Director Unfortunately summer is here and flying is not as much fun and some of the aviation activity has slowed down in Arizona. It was great to see and visit with many of you at the annual APA membership meeting at Glendale Airport in June. I was pleased that some of you stuck with us in spite of it being the Memorial Day weekend. The reason we selected...  Read more...July 2012 Executive Director's Report
July 2012 President's Report
Nancy Benscoter, APA President The beginning of summer is always a busy time for the APA. At the end of May, we held our Annual APA Member's meeting in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) building at Glendale Airport where we elected some new Board of Director's (BOD's). Our guest speaker, Col. Bob Ashby, a Tuskegee Airman of World War II and Korea, captivated us here with his...  Read more...July 2012 President's Report
Accident Report for Apr-May 2012
Jim Timm In this regular reporting of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona, we hope we may be able to learn from mistakes being made and take action to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. For the past reporting period, the NTSB had issued reports for seven aviation accidents in Arizona. One was a landing collision between two balloons without...  Read more...Accident Report for Apr-May 2012
June 2012 Executive Director's Report
Jim Timm, Executive Director There is a lot of discussion going on regarding the introduction of UAV’s into the National Airspace system, including the question, “what to call these things”. The term RPV for remotely pilot vehicle hung around for years. More recently the term UAV for unmanned aerial vehicle became common. More recently the FAA seems to favor the term...  Read more...June 2012 Executive Director's Report