Made it to Mexico … Almost! (The  Lunch)
Made it to Mexico … Almost! (The $1 Lunch)   By Connor Barrett  With the extreme desert heat and summer cumulus clouds forming almost every day in August, our options were limited for exploring what Arizona's airports have to offer. These Arizona “normal” weather conditions didn’t stop us from planning and executing a flight....  Read more...Made it to Mexico … Almost! (The $1 Lunch)
Aviation Buttonology
Aviation Buttonology  Howard Deevers  Only about a week after Southwest Airlines made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after an engine failure, the TV news services were competing to get the crew of the plane on their program. CBS “This Morning” was the winner, and the entire crew appeared on their morning show. I was in Pittsburgh at the...  Read more...Aviation Buttonology
Are AZ Student Pilots Learning the Correct Information?
Are AZ Student Pilots Learning the Correct Information?   By Christopher Fallang, APA Member  I live in Wickenburg, AZ, right at the Wickenburg airport (E25) and get to watch traffic which ranges from business jets to taildraggers. Probably the most regular traffic is from the flight schools in the Phoenix area and sometimes from Prescott. As I watch...  Read more...Are AZ Student Pilots Learning the Correct Information?
Exploring Northern Arizona’s Sandstone Deserts
Exploring Northern Arizona's Sandstone Deserts  By Connor Barrett & Amon Haghighat  @AZPILOTLIFE Our one day adventure included a cross country flight to Page (KPGA) and an early morning tour of Lower Antelope Canyon. This tourist site had been an interest for both of us, but the long drive discouraged us from going. Antelope Canyon has often been...  Read more...Exploring Northern Arizona’s Sandstone Deserts
Beating the AZ Heat
Beating the AZ Heat  By Connor Barrett & Amon Haghighat @AZPILOTLIFE Flying in the heat of the Arizona desert can be physically strenuous on any pilot. Our recent cross-country flight had to be to a place that was going to beat the heat. After searching through our VFR sectionals and researching different airports in the valley, we decided to take the Lake Havasu...  Read more...Beating the AZ Heat
What Will You Do?
What Will You Do?  Surviving an Emergency By Mark Spencer There is nothing quite like flying through the backcountry, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ve got your camping gear all packed, perhaps do a day hike while on the ground, and certainly you’ll enjoy the company of your fellow aviators while on your...  Read more...What Will You Do?
Vice President's Report
Vice President's Report  Passing the Baton  Once upon a time, way back when, a long long time ago, sometime around the year 2000 plus or minus a year or so, I was asked to join the Arizona Pilots Association Board of Directors. Within about a year, I was elected as President and have been doing so ever since (with the exception of about one or two years). As a...  Read more...Vice President's Report
Porsche Aircraft Engines
Porsche Aircraft Engines  by Hal Tretbar  Reprinted by permission from the Zuffenhausen News, Spring 2018 Issue ( I really appreciate the Porsche 3.2 liter motor in my 1987 Carrera. This air-cooled, 6 cylinder boxer engine is powerful, dependable, and efficient. Ferry Porsche (company: Porsche AG) must have liked these attributes also. In 1980 he...  Read more...Porsche Aircraft Engines
Flying the KC 135 Simulator
Flying the KC 135 Simulator  Howard Deevers  My daughter, Barb, moved back to Western Pennsylvania a few months ago. I assisted her in exploring this option last year. We stayed with her best friend, Cindy, who lives in Murrysville, just East of Pittsburgh. Cindy is married to a Lt Col in the Air National Guard at Pittsburgh International Airport, the...  Read more...Flying the KC 135 Simulator
Women Pilots
Women Pilots  Howard Deevers  The opinions expressed here are of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Arizona Pilots Association or any other group of aviators. By now you must have heard of the emergency landing of a Southwest Airlines flight in Philadelphia on April 17, 2018. The Captain on that flight was a female pilot; the...  Read more...Women Pilots