AGING IPADS, AND OTHER AVIATION ELECTRONICS  Howard Deevers  It seems strange to even talk about aging iPads, since they have only been around for as little as 7 years. “Electronics” in aviation go back to before WWII. They were fairly simple systems, such as the “Automatic Direction Finder,” or ADF as we call them. Radios were...  Read more...AGING IPADS, AND OTHER AVIATION ELECTRONICS
Owner Assisted Annuals  Howard Deevers  Disclaimer: I am not an A&P. These opinions may not reflect those of Arizona Pilots Association. Most of us want to keep the cost of flying as low as possible, so we can keep on flying. One way to do that is to assist in the Annual on your airplane. 91.409 requires an annual inspection of every certified...  Read more...OWNER ASSISTED ANNUALS
FLYING IN MEXICO  Mexican Government Aircraft Intercept  Howard Deevers  The second weekend in December I flew a dentist, and his son, to El Rosario, Baja, Mexico for the Flying Samaritans. The SAM’s, as they are called for short, take doctors, dentists, nurses, and chiropractors to their clinic in the small town of El Rosario (on the Pacific...  Read more...FLYING IN MEXICO
Politics, Again  Howard Deevers  (Disclaimer: These comments and thoughts are mine, and not necessarily those of Arizona Pilots Association) For many of us there was a great feeling of relief when this election cycle ended. Never mind who won, but the feeling that it is finally over! The election may be over, but the next cycle is just beginning. What am...  Read more...POLITICS, AGAIN
Simple Mistakes
Simple Mistakes  Howard Deevers A recent article from the FAA said that the new “kinder” FAA would not punish pilots for “simple mistakes, inadvertent actions, or other small infractions.”  That got me to thinking:  What exactly are simple mistakes? I’m sure we all make them.  A simple mistake might be knocking over...  Read more...Simple Mistakes
The Joy of Flying a Small Plane Howard Deevers To the general public, any airplane that is not a jet with at least two engines is a small airplane. Even a King Air or Beech 1900 would be considered to be a "puddle jumper." To most of us single engine fliers, a King Air of any size is a "big plane." So making a long cross country flight, solo, in a "small" airplane...  Read more...THE JOY OF FLYING A SMALL PLANE
Let's Talk About This Howard Deevers Remember your first flying lesson? Sure we do. The instructor did all of the talking on the radios, and it seemed so easy for him. Then after a few lessons, he insisted that I talk on the radio. The Cessna 150 I was flying had no intercom; we did not have a head set, but only a hand mike and speaker to listen to. He told me...  Read more...LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS
It's Only a Flat Tire Howard Deevers The EAA convention is known as AirVenture, but before that name it was simply referred to as OSHKOSH. Most of us still refer to it as OSHKOSH. For one week the airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the busiest airport in the world. About 700,000 people and 10,000 airplanes will make Oshkosh the place to be for anyone interested in...  Read more...IT’S ONLY A FLAT TIRE
Wings 'N Things
WINGS 'N THINGS Howard Deevers It might be hot in southern Arizona, but it was somewhat cooler in Denver, Colorado. At 90 degrees, the folks in Colorado are complaining! I was enjoying the cooler temperatures. The Mooney Pilots Safety Program (MAPA) invited Fred Gibbs and I to be instructor pilots at the safety program in Denver in June. Both of us have time in...  Read more...Wings 'N Things
DEAD RECKONING, GPS STYLE Howard Deevers Early in our aviation training, navigation is an important subject. Many of my beginning students get lost easily. That is understandable, since things do look differently as we get up in the air. Suddenly, the road we use to reach the airport does not look the same. Get a little further away from the airport, and some...  Read more...DEAD RECKONING, GPS STYLE
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