From the Flight Deck - May 2013
From the Flight Deck - May Roy Evans II “What kind of man would live where there is no danger? I don't believe in taking foolish chances. But nothing can be accomplished by not taking a chance at all.” This was said while Charles Lindbergh was discussing his plans to cross the Atlantic, I was thinking about his quote the other day holding short of 25R in PHX. On this...  Read more...From the Flight Deck - May 2013
What’s it Like To Fly?
Howard Deevers I know that this is an Arizona Pilots Association newsletter, and that almost everyone reading this is a pilot. So, why ask the question: “What’s it like to fly?” When your friends learn that you are a pilot, or flight instructor, the usual first question is: “how much does it cost to get a pilots license?” Or, “how many hours do you need to get a...  Read more...What’s it Like To Fly?
Where Do All The Yellow Lines Go?
Barbara Harper, ATP CFII MEI LRJet Taxiing comes easy with proper directions – sometimes. Have you ever landed at an airport and forgot to familiarize yourself with the layout? There you are with this schematic in your lap trying to read the taxiways. Almost the same as reading library books sideways. Whoever thought of putting books at an angle so one had to tilt your head...  Read more...Where Do All The Yellow Lines Go?
Phraseology Versus Plain Language
Barbara Harper, ATP CFII MEI LRJet From The Empire’s Library – Aeronautical Information Manual For Freddie and Howard who are dedicated to the pursuit and solution of one problem – correct aviation phraseology No one wants to be on the wrong end of the microphone when mistakes are made. Do you have the courage to shatter the stigma of phraseology literacy and...  Read more...Phraseology Versus Plain Language
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