Thunder Ridge Airpark (AZ28) Morristown, AZ. Marristown, as described by Wikipedia, is a census-designated place in Maricopa County.  The Thunder Ridge Airpark is located at the intersections of highway 60 and 74 on the way to Wickenburg.  The airpark originated by four persons coming from another satellite airport in the Phoenix area back in 1993.

The home lots were originally some 35 acres, but through the years have been pared down to a modest 3 to 5 acres each. There are nine homes built on the airpark property and five undeveloped home sites. Occasionally, there is turnover with the homes and some of the lots are available for sale.

The runway 17/35 is hard surface and in good shape with a length of 2600’ x 40’ wide. The HOA had runway lights installed for operations 24/7. No pilot actuation, they’re illuminated continuously from dusk to dawn. Some residents perform night ops routinely. The field is NW of Phoenix and 38 miles from the PHX Vortac. If you have flown over the field you’ll notice that runway 35 has a 450’ displaced threshold. This displacement was imposed a few years ago by the County of Maricopa regarding a technicality in the SUP (special use permit) for the airpark. The HOA has been working closely with county authorities recently and feel confident the displacement will be eliminated.

John Anderson, airpark resident and HOA Board Member, shared with us, “It’s a very friendly airpark with a quiet environment, but not nearly as isolated as one would think. There are several options for restaurants, grocery stores, and services located within 20-30 minutes in several directions including a Home Depot. We’ve got some young pilots on the field who are working on airplane projects and who are a breath of fresh air. This is an invigorated airpark.” For friendly questions and answers concerning the airpark, Mr. Anderson can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Trivial facts about Morristown include its Morristown Store formerly the landmark Morristown Hotel which is listed on the the National Register of Historical Places. The town is located within the municipal planning area of Surprise, AZ, and will most likely be annexed some day.

Thunder Ridge Airpark Morristown 9/14 on 160 acres 

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John Anderson    3 to 5 acre lots