Arizona Airport Focus: Show Low
Arizona Airport Focus: Show Low  By Brian Schober  With the summer heat in full swing in central Arizona, many of us begin to look towards the Northern Arizona airports for some relief. How about Show Low? While it’s not quite “Northern,” it still fits the bill nicely. On the edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and near the...  Read more...Arizona Airport Focus: Show Low
Exploring Northern Arizona’s Sandstone Deserts
Exploring Northern Arizona's Sandstone Deserts  By Connor Barrett & Amon Haghighat  @AZPILOTLIFE Our one day adventure included a cross country flight to Page (KPGA) and an early morning tour of Lower Antelope Canyon. This tourist site had been an interest for both of us, but the long drive discouraged us from going. Antelope Canyon has often been...  Read more...Exploring Northern Arizona’s Sandstone Deserts
High Flight (GAARMS)
GAARMS Report: August 2018   Fred Gibbs  (Your guy in Flagstaff) We are now 7 months into 2018 with only two fatal GA accidents so far this year. Only one of the accidents involved  an Arizona–based pilot. You guys and gals, our Arizona aviation community, are doing a great job of flying. Let’s keep that trend going and make 2018 the...  Read more...High Flight (GAARMS)
Getting Lost
Getting Lost  Howard Deevers  Do you ever worry about getting lost while flying, either locally or on a cross country flight? Sure we do. Beginning pilots are always worried about that. I remember some of my first flights as a student, wondering where we were and how we were going to get back to the airport. Many of my new students are lost as soon as we...  Read more...Getting Lost
Beating the AZ Heat
Beating the AZ Heat  By Connor Barrett & Amon Haghighat @AZPILOTLIFE Flying in the heat of the Arizona desert can be physically strenuous on any pilot. Our recent cross-country flight had to be to a place that was going to beat the heat. After searching through our VFR sectionals and researching different airports in the valley, we decided to take the Lake Havasu...  Read more...Beating the AZ Heat
Arizona Airport Focus: Grapevine (88AZ)
  Arizona Airport Focus: Grapevine (88AZ)  By Brian Schober  The recent AZ Airport Focus articles have focused on what to do around the airport, based on what the communities have to offer. This month is different, and we’ll focus on the nothingness around this particular airport. In this case, getting there is getting away, and it can be pure...  Read more...Arizona Airport Focus: Grapevine (88AZ)
Initial Pilot Certification Passing Rates Trending Down
GAARMS Report: July 2018   Fred Gibbs  (Your guy in Flagstaff) We are still holding at only one fatal GA accident so far this year. You guys and gals, our Arizona aviation community, are doing a great job of flying safe. Let’s keep that trend going! Make 2018 the safest year ever. Initial Pilot Certification Passing...  Read more...Initial Pilot Certification Passing Rates Trending Down
What Will You Do?
What Will You Do?  Surviving an Emergency By Mark Spencer There is nothing quite like flying through the backcountry, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ve got your camping gear all packed, perhaps do a day hike while on the ground, and certainly you’ll enjoy the company of your fellow aviators while on your...  Read more...What Will You Do?
July 2018 Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm  July 2018  The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late May through late June. The Arizona Pilots Association uses this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and then hopefully they will take the...  Read more...July 2018 Aviation Accident Summary
July 2018 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm  July 2018  No kidding, it’s hot out, it’s bumpy, and often not a lot of fun flying this time of year. I guess I need to be a bit more philosophical about it and realize we are 180° out of phase with the northern part of the country, as far as comfortable flying seasons are concerned, and stop complaining. In any case, when...  Read more...July 2018 Executive Director's Report