Looking Both Ways
Looking Both Ways  Howard Deevers  Do you make New Year Resolutions? Almost all of us do, but many of us fail to follow through. The usual resolutions, such as losing a few pounds, eating healthier, exercising more, earning a new rating, or attending more safety seminars, may not materialize, even though we have the best of intentions. But the...  Read more...Looking Both Ways
Arizona Airport Focus — Cottonwood (P52)
Cottonwood (P52) By Brian Schober.  This is the first in a series of articles highlighting unique and fun Arizona general aviation airports. This month, we are highlighting the Cottonwood airport, P52. The scenic and historic town of Cottonwood lies approximately 100 miles North of Phoenix or about 50 miles Southwest of Flagstaff. The airport was originally...  Read more...Arizona Airport Focus — Cottonwood (P52)
Thank you card from Girl Scout Troop No. 275
Thank you card from Girl Scout Troop No. 275    During our Pleasant Valley Fly-in, Recreation staff Gary Lollman found Girl Scout Troop No 275 camped out a mile or two up the road and managed to get them and their leaders over to the airport for their very first airplane rides! Man, what a blessing it was to share aviation with these Girl Scouts and what a...  Read more...Thank you card from Girl Scout Troop No. 275
Arizona Legislature Holds Second GA Caucus at State Capitol!
Arizona Legislature Holds Second GA Caucus at State Capitol!  By Stefanie Spencer  Thanks to committed aviators like Noel Campbell and Todd Clodfelter, Arizona has joined the growing number of state legislatures that are forming successful General Aviation Caucuses this year. This week marked the second meeting of the Arizona Caucus, which was held in the...  Read more...Arizona Legislature Holds Second GA Caucus at State Capitol!
December 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm December 2017 Thanksgiving is over and the temperatures still seem to be like warm, mid-fall while this report is being written. The early mornings are nice and cool, and the improved aircraft performance is really appreciated, making flying a lot more fun. I hope everyone is out enjoying it and doing it safely.  Locally, the next few months are...  Read more...December 2017 Executive Director's Report
Backcountry Update for Grapevine
Backcountry Update for Grapevine By Mark Spencer You might have heard that the APA bit the bullet, purchasing 40 tons of special aggregate for shoring up the asphalt edges at midfield for Grapevine. Paul Pitkin and Mike Andresen pulled off the order and delivery. It’s a lot of material to move by shovel and wheelbarrow, but nothing our APA and RAF...  Read more...Backcountry Update for Grapevine
Backcountry Update for Young PV
Backcountry Update for Young PV By Mark Spencer Fall has been good to us in Arizona, and it is our best time of year for flying. We are, of course, still waiting for a little cooler temps as this fall has been unusually warm, but relatively calm.  Our Pleasant Valley fly in and camp  over Veteran’s day was an incredible time for all, and the...  Read more...Backcountry Update for Young PV
December Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm  December 2017  The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late October through late November, 2017. We use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and then hopefully take the action necessary to...  Read more...December Aviation Accident Summary
Engine Health and Flight Plans (GAARMS)
Engine Health and Flight Plans GAARMS Report: December 2017  Fred Gibbs  As we wind down 2017 (but still with one more month to go), this year’s fatal accident rate appears to mirror last year, but unfortunately the total number of fatalities to date jumped to 13. The total number of fatal accidents (6) stayed the same as 2016, but only included 9...  Read more...Engine Health and Flight Plans (GAARMS)
Understanding Airports
Understanding Airports  Howard Deevers  Airports are as important to pilots as highways are to drivers. We need places to land, to keep our airplanes, and to get services. Preferably the airport would be near a city or a location that we would like to visit, just as roads and highways will lead to places we need, or want, to go. The bigger the city, the...  Read more...Understanding Airports
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