CRUISE SPEEDS  By Mike Andresen  Now that you have reached your cruise altitude, you can switch off the fasten seatbelt sign and take a moment to relax. If you are in a technologically advanced airplane, or carrying a tablet, you are probably looking at multi-colored LCDs throwing all sorts of information at you. My Electronic Flight Information System has readouts of… Read more...CRUISE SPEEDS
GAARMS Report: February 2017
GAARMS Report: February 2017 Fred Gibbs  The first crash occurred on January 2nd when a C210 was destroyed when it collided with mountainous terrain about 11 miles north of Payson at an elevation of only 6601 feet. The aircraft departed the valley VFR enroute to Telluride. The NTSB report stated: Preliminary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic ontrol (ATC) radar data showed… Read more...GAARMS Report: February 2017
Owner Assisted Annuals  Howard Deevers  Disclaimer: I am not an A&P. These opinions may not reflect those of Arizona Pilots Association. Most of us want to keep the cost of flying as low as possible, so we can keep on flying. One way to do that is to assist in the Annual on your airplane. 91.409 requires an annual inspection of every certified aircraft. Of course, you… Read more...OWNER ASSISTED ANNUALS
Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017
Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017  By Mark Spencer  As 2016 sets and the sun rises on 2017, we have a lot to look forward to in the Arizona backcountry. We’ve received word that Grapevine has been assigned an identifier, 88AZ, and what a way to start this new year! Don’t expect it to show up on the sectional for some time still, as the process of charting takes a… Read more...Backcountry Winter/Spring 2017
January 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm January 2017 I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas and celebrated the start of a Happy New Year. Hopefully, Santa brought you some goodies to add some more fun to your flying in the coming year. As soon as the winter rainy season wraps up and moves on out of here, I hope we can get back to doing some serious fun flying. When you do, please do it safely. I’d… Read more...January 2017 Executive Director's Report
GAARMS Report: January 2017
GAARMS Report: January 2017 Fred Gibbs 2016 has come and 2016 has gone – with 6 fatal accidents and 9 fatalities! All in all, a fairly safe track record, but one that could have, and should have, been much lower. Three of the fatal accidents involved unique, not-your-typical GA aircraft, i.e., a P-51 Mustang, a T-6 “Texan, and a weight-shift “Trike”, all flown… Read more...GAARMS Report: January 2017
FLYING IN MEXICO  Mexican Government Aircraft Intercept  Howard Deevers  The second weekend in December I flew a dentist, and his son, to El Rosario, Baja, Mexico for the Flying Samaritans. The SAM’s, as they are called for short, take doctors, dentists, nurses, and chiropractors to their clinic in the small town of El Rosario (on the Pacific side of the Baja) to… Read more...FLYING IN MEXICO
Climb Speeds
Climb Speeds  By Mike Andresen  I was having lunch in Payson on a warm day when I observed a C-172 with four people on board taxi out. What really caught my eye was that the pilot deployed flaps for his take-off. I started thinking to myself, does the temperature today make Payson a short field to a max gross weight C-172? What climb V speed will he use? How are the… Read more...Climb Speeds
December Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm December 2016 The following are the NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late October thru late November, 2016. APA and others will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings to help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and hopefully then take the action necessary to prevent similar… Read more...December Aviation Accident Summary
December 2016 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm December 2016 So far, the winter flying weather has been good, the temperatures are down, and the airplane/engine performance is up, so what more could you ask for.  With all the flying events happening, and good places to fly for that Saturday morning fly in breakfast, it’s decision time to decide where to go. So, where ever you go, please do it safely! So far,… Read more...December 2016 Executive Director's Report
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