33rd Annual Navajo Christmas Airlift
33rd Annual Navajo Christmas Airlift by Gregory McColley The 33rd Annual Navajo Christmas Airlift is planned for Saturday, November 11th. We will be flying into the Navajo Indian Nation at Gallup, New Mexico (KGUP), approximately 196 nm from DVT on a 055 degree true course. We will synchronize for an arrival with another core group departing Sierra Vista Libby Field...  Read more...33rd Annual Navajo Christmas Airlift
GAARMS Report: September 2017
GAARMS Report: September 2017  Fred Gibbs  HIP HIP HOORAY!! We have made it through another month without a fatal accident, As I reported in last month’s article, our Luck-meter has moved from “Doing Really Good” with only 2 accidents and 6 fatalities, to “Back to an average Year” moving up the scale to 4 accidents with 10...  Read more...GAARMS Report: September 2017
Greetings From Chicago Center
Greetings From Chicago Center  Howard Deevers  My road trip (not flying) took me to the Quad Cities last month (Moline, Davenport, Rock Island, Bettendorf). My grandson, Nathan, is an air traffic controller at Chicago Center. He heard that I was coming to Illinois and said that he could arrange a tour of Chicago Center, if I would like. How could I pass...  Read more...Greetings From Chicago Center
Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts
Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts To Privatize or Not to Privatize? By Mark Spencer While the Arizona Pilots Association is primarily focused on state level activities, so important is the proposal to privatize ATC in the federal house FAA re-authorization bill, H.B. 2997, that we became involved to have our voice heard in DC, and heard it was! Our call...  Read more...Legislative Action, Your Voice Counts
August 2017 Executive Director's Report
By Jim Timm August 2017 This month’s report may be a bit brief because I’m writing it while I’m attending the annual EAA AirVenture Fly In at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This year’s event is celebrating a lot of things as usual, but of particular interest to me was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo manned space program, and I was...  Read more...August 2017 Executive Director's Report
August Aviation Accident Summary
By Jim Timm  August 2017  The following are the NTSB reports of the aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late June 2017 through late July 2017. We will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and then take the action necessary to...  Read more...August Aviation Accident Summary
Electronics in the Summer Heat, Have a Backup!
Electronics in the Summer Heat, Have a Backup!   By Bill Cassels  Early in the year we decided to fly our S35 Bonanza from Mogollon Airpark to Redding, CA. My youngest daughter lives in Redding, and we were going to spend the week visiting and then capture the four-year-old grandson for a month or so. Since we’d be going somewhere near the California...  Read more...Electronics in the Summer Heat, Have a Backup!
MANEUVERING SPEEDS  By Mike Andresen  Most things you read about regarding maneuvering speed address the bending of an airplane aspect of it, but there is another aspect to maneuvering speed that I'm going to discuss in this article. You are about to learn why it is called maneuvering speed and not called bending-an-airplane speed. Recall that for...  Read more...MANEUVERING SPEEDS
GAARMS Report: August 2017
GAARMS Report: August 2017  Fred Gibbs  I love reporting good news!! But certainly NOT the infamous fake news! Unfortunately this newsletter contains some bad news. The last 30 days or so have not been good days, with two fatal accidents occurring in those 30 days. We are now 7 months through 2017. Our Luck-meter has moved from “Doing really...  Read more...GAARMS Report: August 2017
DENSITY ALTITUDE, Who Cares?  Howard Deevers  Remember when we went through our private pilot training and the instructor first mentioned density altitude? Most of us had never heard of the term before. I sure don’t remember it being in any of my math or physics courses in high school or college. Even my instructor didn’t spend much time on...  Read more...DENSITY ALTITUDE, Who Cares?
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