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Scholarships are given each year to help fill the financial need of students pursuing aviation related educational opportunities at accredited colleges.


Safety briefing pamphlets, map, and videos for the backcountry airstrips in Arizona that the APA and volunteers have worked to reopen and currently maintain.


Information regarding properties and contacts in a listing of the airparks located in Arizona, with special articles detailing the ins-and-outs of many of them.

Airport Focus

What is there to do when flying to the various Arizona airports? Check out our articles with details and photos of who to see, where to stay, and what do at our public airports.


The APA provides safety seminars around the state, as well as articles on various safety topics each month. We also have available for download GAJSC safety presentations.


The APA maintains a comprehensive calendar of many aviation events around Arizona, as well as our monthly Grapevine BBQ and special getaways. Find out what's happening.


Latest News Articles

Read more: April 2022 Accident & Incident Summary
  by Jim Timm   The following are the reports of aviation accidents and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from March through late April. We hope to use the following detailed accident information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the action necessary to
Read more: March-April Pilot Deviations
   by Jim Timm   These pilot deviations need to be examined to determine if a common threat exists that should be addressed to help reduce the number of deviations that occur, and enhance aviation safety. In the time period from March 12 through April 14 there were twenty-eight pilot deviations recorded by the FAA SDL FSDO. These deviations were committed by
Read more: Grapevine Gets Volunteer Attention
  By Mark Spencer   You may have noticed our temporary closure of the Grapevine 88AZ airstrip last month. One of the benefits of the Grapevine is its asphalt surface that allows pretty much any kind of aircraft to visit its quintessential Sonoran Desert environment and backcountry charm, but with that has come a lot of upkeep. Grapevine’s asphalt was laid down
Read more: May 2022 President’s Report
  Greetings, A couple of newsletters ago, I mentioned the Navigation Challenge that APA helped sponsor where pilots flew a fun route around the valley and captured photos of landmarks from clues given. I've thought about the multiple levels of safety something like this can provide pilots. Yeah, it's an excuse to fly where you won't find pancakes or hamburgers
Read more: May 2022 Executive Director's Report
  It does appear that the summer season is almost upon us. While the flying weather is still pretty good with the cool mornings, I fear that will be changing all too soon. I guess it won’t be too long, and we’ll be having to get up early to take advantage of a cool smooth flight. So, let’s have fun and go flying. This month’s Accident Summary is a bit unusual in that
Read more: A Flight Instructor Check List, Do You Have One?  By Barbara Harper and Howard Deevers   In the late 1970's and early 1980's the FAA published a monthly “Flight Instruction Bulletin” and mailed it to all CFIs. It was designed to pass along new and relevant information and review old and forgotten information important to instructors. Mail has been replaced with e-mail Bulletins. You can print out these
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“The backcountry success of reopening airstrips in Arizona which the APA has accomplished through volunteer efforts is unsurpassed.”

Brian Schober, APA President

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