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By Mike Andresen   Today there are a couple of electronic ignition alternatives for certified airplanes and several other choices for experimental airplanes. Electronic ignitions can have higher energy output than a magneto and can also implement variable ignition timing. The magneto has fixed ignition timing, typically 20 to 25 degrees before Top Dead Center (TDC) of
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  By Mark Spencer   You may have noticed our temporary closure of the Grapevine 88AZ airstrip last month. One of the benefits of the Grapevine is its asphalt surface that allows pretty much any kind of aircraft to visit its quintessential Sonoran Desert environment and backcountry charm, but with that has come a lot of upkeep. Grapevine’s asphalt was laid down
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  By Mark Spencer September’s Grapevine monthly fly in event also turned into an ad hoc volunteer maintenance weekend. Over 20 aircraft and multiple ground vehicles showed up for much needed maintenance at Arizona’s most utilized backcountry airstrip, located off the shores of Roosevelt Lake on the Tonto National Forest. This was the first of the monthly fly in events
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  By Mark Spencer Thanks to the Recreational Aviation Foundation’s efforts in working with Congress and the US Forest Service in Washington, $750,000 was directed by congress to be invested in backcountry airstrips around the country. Each region receives its portion of this money based on total number of feet of existing airstrips. Region 4, that’s AZ and NM, received
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  By Mark Spencer   Who would believe it’s been nearly 6 years since we embarked on the original GAPP to save the incredible Grapevine Airstrip? It’s true though, and what a great 6 years it’s been, but it’s time to put our shoulders to the wheel again, only this time you won’t have to pick up a shovel or wipe the sweat off your brow; what is needed is your
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  By Mark Spencer   Our first monthly fly in for Grapevine went off without a hitch in November, and with additional guests from the USAF! With severe fire conditions across the Tonto National Forest the APA decided to hold off on our usual monthly fly in the third weekend at Grapevine until last month. We launched our new potluck dinner plan at this event, and
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  By Mark Spencer With fire season in full swing, pilots - especially backcountry pilots - need to be diligent in their pre-flight awareness of fires and related TFR’s. In many of the National Forests, including ours here in USFS region 3 (AZ and NM), our backcountry airstrips can be and are being used as staging areas for firefighting efforts. As of this writing
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  By Mark Spencer Our partnership with the Recreational Aviation Foundation and USFS is paying off at the Grapevine Airstrip, 88AZ. One of the accomplishments of then RAF President John McKenna a few years ago in Washington D.C. was the addition of language to the Department of Agriculture budget language that directed the USFS to invest $750,000 into backcountry
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  With fire season in full swing, all pilots, but especially backcountry pilots, need to be diligent in their pre-flight awareness of fires and related TFR’s. In many of the National Forests, including our USFS region 3, AZ and NM, our backcountry airstrips are being used as staging areas for firefighting efforts. You may recall a few years ago, Air Tractors made 24AZ