Spring Backcountry Kicks Off! MarkSpencer


By Mark Spencer


Our schedule was published last month and here we are already in March with two backcountry events. First, starting on Friday the 16th, donation lunch on Saturday the 17th, at the Grapevine airstrip along the shores of Roosevelt lake. Our guests this weekend will include forest service planners hoping to learn a little more about us and our recreational flying. Come be an good ambassador for aviation, say hello, and thank them personally for helping to keep aviation in the recent Tonto plan.

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Come join the gang at the Payson Airport campground April 6,7 & 8. While there’s a beautiful camping facility, complete with tables, ramada and showers, the courtesy car will be available for those wishing to stay at local hotels. Join the fun around the campfire complete with live music on Saturday, and bring your best Dutch oven and recipe!

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Grapevine 88AZ:

January 19-21

February 16-18

March 16-18

April 20-22

May 18-20

Payson KPAN:

April 6-8

April 13-15 (backup)

Double Circle Ranch Z66:

April 13-15

April 27- 29 (backup)

Pleasant Valley 24AZ:

May 25-27 Memorial Day


 spring backcountry kicks off payson airport campground

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