For all you backcountry adventurers, we’ve lined up a few weekend fly ins this fall where we can catch up with each other and enjoy the backcountry! We made such great strides over the last few years re-opening our backcountry to aviation, and had lots of fun and friendship in the process! Each of these airstrips also needs a little TLC to keep them in safe condition for all, and with a little effort from all, this TLC is made light work! We’ll also be introducing a new airstrip this fall, an opportunity to spend a few days at one of the finest dude ranches in AZ, south of Alpine.

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April 5-7:

What a time we had at this year’s Spring Camp Out at Payson (KPAN) There was an average of roughly 24 aircraft on the ramp each day, and over 50 people in all in attendance! Look for a repeat of this event in the fall. By the way, if you like glamping, i.e. hot showers, and a bathroom, the Payson airport, with the Crosswinds restaurant, and above mentioned amenities, just cannot be beat!

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April 26-28:

Pleasant Valley, Young (24AZ) - Come enjoy camping the pine country with a BBQ Lunch on Saturday, put on by your APA. Bring your favorite Dutch Oven and recipe for dinner on Saturday night! Friday night arrivals will be headed over to the new restaurant in town for dinner, departing airport at 5:00PM, as well as breakfast in the morning along with early Saturday arrivals, departing airport at 8:30AM.

Backup date is May 3-5. We’ve got the old Payson airport wind sock pole to install there, and we’ll see if we can get the slab installed in advance of this weekend.

May 24-26:

Double Circle Ranch (AZ66) - It’s time to gather at the old Double Circle Ranch again. This place is simply incredible! Join us for three days of camping and Saturday night Potluck dinner in the old lodge. We’ll be doing basic runway work, brush clearing, as well as log preservation on the lodge.

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Grapevine (AZ88)

Don’t forget our monthly fly in camp and lunch on the third Saturday of each month at Grapevine (AZ88). We’ll even be there Easter weekend!

However, while it will be open in May, there will be no lunch provided as this is the same date as our annual meeting at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale. Please join us at the meeting if you can!

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We always need volunteers to host these events at Grapevine. It’s a lot of fun, and satisfying to see the smiles of fellow aviators! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

Last group lunch at Grapevine for 2019:

Apr 19 - 21


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