By Mike Andresen


We had quite the crowd at Grapevine this past month! Thirteen airplanes of all types were there. Piper and Cessna were well represented along with the experimentals. Of course, the Carbon Cub and other backcountry-outfitted tailwheels were there too. The winds were pretty calm up until the afternoon and then they picked up a bit.

Our hosts, Diana and Leanne, did a great job cooking the main course. This was generously supplemented with side dishes by those attending. It was quite the BBQ spread which included Dutch oven recipes. Those not inclined to bring food were generous to our donation jar and those funds will go right back to providing the supplies for maintaining the backcountry airstrips.

This was our last hosted event at Grapevine for the season. We would normally be there in May, but this year we are holding our annual meeting on the third weekend of the month. Put September 21st on your calendar and we will see you there at the start of next season!

grapevine april 2019 1

grapevine april 2019 2


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