Young Labor Day Weekend Read more: Young Labor Day Weekend By Mark Spencer This weekend’s fly in camp and Labor Day celebrations in Young would be hard to describe as anything but incredible, so much so that it will likely become an annual APA event! Of course, every successful fly in starts with participation, and from that perspective, we had no issues. In all, 20 aircraft and roughly 20
FAA Form 7480-1 Submitted! Read more: FAA Form 7480-1 Submitted! By Mark Spencer It took me a while, but finally got the completed FAA Form 7480-1 over to District Ranger Kelly Jardine a couple of weeks ago for re-charting Grapevine! Fire season is incredibly busy for USFS folks, but DR Jardine signed it and got it back to me quickly, and it is now in the hands of the FAA. This first step in re-charting
National RAF Meeting Read more: National RAF Meeting By Mark Spencer Over 100 volunteers, including 20 state liaisons, met in Bentonville, Arkansas, from May 12th through the 14th for the RAF Razorback Rendezvous, as it was called. Thanks to generous support by the Walton Family Foundation, the group enjoyed Friday dinner at the soon-to-be open to the public Sugar Creek airstrip, just outside of
GRAPEVINE TO BE CHARTED! Read more: Grapevine to be Charted! By Mark Spencer Read more: Grapevine to be Charted! You read that right gang! We’ve begun the process of placing the Grapevine airstrip back on the Phoenix sectional, replacing the closed airport symbol that has marked the place of Grapevine for nearly 20 years! Read more: Grapevine to be Charted! In my mind, it seems like just last year that we had our first volunteer weekend at the Grapevine
Backcountry Events Read more: Backcountry Updates By Mark Spencer  Spring has brought some pretty good flying weather for us this year, and with it some great backcountry flying and events. This weekend’s fly in camp at Pleasant Valley (24AZ) just north of the beautiful and historic community of Young, went off without a hitch. Just after the first two aircraft arrivals, a light rain fell
Backcountry Events Read more: Backcountry Events By Mark Spencer We’re off to a warm, dry spring, and the backcountry season is off to a great start! Last month’s 3rd Saturday weekend at Grapevine brought in over 30 aircraft and 60+ aviators, friends, and family. Hosts Rick Bosshardt, your Arizona CubCrafter’s dealer, and our faithful Mike Andresen, along with help from APA President
Backcountry Aviation Training for BLM State Recreation Directors Read more: Backcountry Aviation Training for BLM State Recreation Directorsby Mark Spencer It was late December when RAF President John McKenna and I sat in the BLM office at 20 M St. discussing our first partnership effort under the newly signed BLM MOU. This effort will be compiling the inventory of all airstrips on BLM lands. We've already had several conference calls
Arizona Backcountry Events Read more: Arizona Backcountry Events Winter and Spring 2016 Winter and Spring 2016  By Mark Spencer  The temps will be warming up soon and we have a full lineup planned for the 2016 spring backcountry season! Of course, with spring starting in January, in the desert anyway, we’ll kick off with a couple of training events hosted by some of the best in the country. Dave Dunteman will be
Double Circle Ranch is now AZ66! Read more: Double Circle Goes Formal (AZ66) By Mark Spencer  If you would have asked any of the backcountry team 4 years ago about the Double Circle Ranch, we would have shared our hopes and dreams for this incredible site, its history and its preservation, but would we have ever thought it would become a formally identified public airstrip? No, probably not, but thanks to
Read more: Escape to Escalante, UT (1L7) Escape to Escalante, UT (1L7) by Tim Greer Here’s a spot to put on your Arizona Pilot Bucket List: Escalante, UT (1L7). At 245NM from Phoenix, Escalante could be the perfect breakfast run, or a great weekend getaway. Escalante is a cute little town, steeped in Mormon history, surrounded by incredible parks and scenery. There are outdoor activities galore: hiking, biking