azapplogoArizona Airport Passport Program (AZAPP)


The Arizona Pilots Association App is being developed by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students on behalf of the Arizona Pilots Association.

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The Arizona Pilots Association in conjunction with programming assistance from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University has implemented an Arizona Airport Passport Program (AZAPP).

The Arizona Airport Passport Program is designed to promote general aviation’s use of all 65 of Arizona’s public-use airstrips and airports. Also included are many airport restaurants and aviation themed museums. A complete listing of participating airports, restaurants, and museums along with placard locations can be found on the Participation pages. For safety, IWA, TUS, and PHX are not included. At the same time, the program is intended to help improve education and safety by encouraging pilots to practice safety first flight planning and landings in many different airport environments and VFR weather conditions. And finally, the program is intended to promote tourism, stimulate local businesses and attractions, and to generate a sense of camaraderie and purpose amongst pilots more than just the proverbial $100 hamburger or breakfast run on weekends.

This application based program is open to all FAA licensed pilots and will log visits to Arizona’s public-use airports, museums, and attractions. The app will track progress as pilots reach pre-set milestones. Prizes for participation in the program will be awarded for each level achieved. The application is available in both iOS and Android formats, but will require use of a smartphone or tablet and sharing of some nominal personal information in exchange for participating. On both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store potential participants should search for FLYAZ by Lunar Languages Team.

Prizes will be awarded at differing levels of progress. Specific prizes are TBD and dependent on program sponsorship from year to year.


  • Silver:  20 airports; 3 Restaurants/Attractions; 1 Museum
  • Gold:  +20 airports; +3 Restaurants/Attractions; +2 Museums
  • Platinum:  +25 airports; +4 Restaurants/Attractions; +3 Museums