azapplogoArizona Airport Passport Program


Passport Program Rules: The Fine Print

  • There is no deadline for completing the Arizona Airport Passport Program as long as the program remains in operation.

  • If a QR code placard is missing, participants may take a photo of themselves at the specific location where the QR code is missing and forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Participants are highly encouraged to relay any issues regarding the Arizona Airport Passport Program locations to the Arizona Pilots Association in order to help inform other participants traveling to that airport.

  • Participants will be advised via email upon reaching the published milestones. Confirmation of shipping address will be requested at that time. The Arizona Airport Passport Program is not responsible for incorrect or out of date email address information of any participant in the program.

  • Awards will be shipped to the recipient, no in person award pickup is possible. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks for arrival. Top awards will be presented annually at the Arizona Pilots Association annual meeting.

  • Award availability is solely dependent on sponsor donations and may or may not be the exact prize as noted on the program web pages.

  • Airports, restaurants, and attractions may enroll or withdraw from the program with 30 days’ written notice to the Arizona Airport Passport Program Committee. The most current list of participating airports, restaurants, and attractions will be available through the Arizona Airport Passport Program web pages on the Arizona Pilots Association website.

  • If a participant is registered at an airport, restaurant, or attraction that later withdraws or is removed, the QR registration will still count toward achievement levels.

  • Participants of the Arizona Airport Passport Program participate solely at their own risk. Aviation organizations and individuals who helped develop this program in no way promote or encourage participants to visit an airport under conditions of which they do not have the appropriate skill level, aircraft, or resources to do so safely. Airport and program information in this website, and appropriate program documents is intended only as a general introduction to the airport and program. As with any flight operation, it is the pilot’s sole responsibility to familiarize him/herself with all aspects of a flight, including verifying any information contained in this document and in the Arizona Airport Passport Program. Each participant traveling to an airport must also determine if a given flight/airport is one that they have the skills needed to make the flight, including landing/safe arrival. By participating in the Arizona Airport Passport Program, each participant agrees to not hold any sponsor or associated organization or individual responsible or liable for any kind of mishaps, damages, accidents, injuries or death incurred while participating in the program.