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Scholarships are given each year to help fill the financial need of students pursuing aviation related educational opportunities at accredited colleges.


Safety briefing pamphlets, map, and videos for the backcountry airstrips in Arizona that the APA and volunteers have worked to reopen and currently maintain.


Information regarding properties and contacts in a listing of the airparks located in Arizona, with special articles detailing the ins-and-outs of many of them.

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Win awards and stay proficient by visiting Arizona’s public-use airstrips and airports, as well as many airport restaurants and aviation themed museums in our #FLYAZ Passport App.


The APA provides safety seminars around the state, as well as articles on various safety topics each month. We also have available for download GAJSC safety presentations.


The APA maintains a comprehensive calendar of many aviation events around Arizona, as well as our monthly Grapevine BBQ and special getaways. Find out what's happening.



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Latest News Articles

Read more: December 2022 Aviation Accident & Incident Summary
  by Jim Timm   The following is a report of the aviation accidents and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from November through December. We hope the following detailed accident information can be used to develop safety programs and briefings to help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the necessary action to prevent them from having
Read more: Fatal Accident Review Jan 2023
  By Fred Gibbs   We hope you all had a great holiday season and wish you all an even better year this year than the last one! Last year was NOT a good year for our safety record, with 8 fatal accidents involving Arizona based pilots and aircraft. My hope is to never have to write about any fatal accidents come 2023. We always have our share of fender-benders, but
Read more: Arizona November-December Pilot Deviations
   by Jim Timm   These pilot deviations need to be examined to determine if a common threat exists that we should address to help reduce the number of deviations that occur, and thus enhance aviation safety. In the time period from November 10 through December 8 there were nineteen pilot deviations recorded by the FAA SDL FSDO. These deviations were
Read more: January 2023 President’s Report
  Greetings and Happy New Year! And just like that, 2022 is at our six. It was a year that seemed to be defined as "after COVID," but was still filled with significant challenges. I don't believe I've ever heard the term "supply chain" used as much or as broadly as I did in 2022. Just a walk through the grocery store will show you how fragile that supply chain is when
Read more: January 2023 APA Scholarship Program
By Chris Nugent   We had another great turnout for the 2022 scholarship cycle with forty-three applications received. The overall quality of the scholarship applications has always been impressive, and the 2022 submissions were no exception. In past years, the career objectives for the majority of the applicant’s focused on becoming professional aviators. However
Read more: Near Mid Air Collisions
   by Jim Timm   There were two Near Mid Air collisions reported to the FAA in the last reporting period that ran from November 10, 2022, to December 8, 2022.   November 9, 2022: At the Scottsdale Airport (SDL), a Cessna Citation circled to the incorrect runway while on approach from the northwest, resulting in a loss of separation with a Beechcraft



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“The backcountry success of reopening airstrips in Arizona which the APA has accomplished through volunteer efforts is unsurpassed.”

Brian Schober, APA President


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