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Utah Caveman Ranch UT68 Backcountry Fly-In near Moab, UT

Friday, May 04, 2012
Monday, May 07, 2012



Location - UT68, Moab, UT

Up-to-date info available here: a href="">
Ranch Website:
Email Jim: tucsonwis (at)

And lastly, the info emailed to me on April 4th:

Here is a post on the site. Rod, Paula , Hunter, and Johnny are the Caveman folks. Rod & Paula are the owners and Hunter is their son. The "I" in the following post is Gary Standhart.

Couple good points, thanks Little John
I will be cookin b'fast 6-8AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Same menu, pancakes, sausage, milk/juice/coffee. Same price $8.00/plate, eat all ya want.
And if you have filled out and turned in a release in the past, it is still good. If you need to update it, do that.
If you have never done one, you can search one on bcp, fill it out, and send it to Rod.

For those that haven't been here before, I strongly encourage you to buy Galen Hanselman book "Fly Utah" and his map. Lots of valueable/pertinant info there. It will make your trip much better to know where you are, and where you wanna go.

Mack Mesa wants to be part of it. Haven't confirmed this with Mack Ladd yet, but I think they are gonna offer a fuel discount for the participants. If you guys had fun with the poker run last year, let me know, and we'll do that again this year and make Mack Mesa one of the stops. I suggested to Ladd, maybe a BBQ up there Fri. afternoon/evening. Might be able to have a spot landing contest or some other fun event up there too, eaarlier in the day. They have a nice grass strip for those that haven't seen it.
Just talked to Ladd. The BBQ will be Fri .PM. They are offering $.20 off the prevailing price. Probly will have some fun activities during the day for those that show up early and would like to play. Flour bombing, spot landing, etc. Somethgin fun
And for those that didn't attend last year, Mack Mesa(Steve, Ladd, their local EAA, and friends) did a great job, and put on a great feed. Thanks for that, and for doing it again this year, and for wanting to make it even better.

For those of you haven't haven't been here before, I just want to add a little note about the rooms, so that if you want one, you have an idea of what you are getting. These rooms in there present condition may be considered a little primitive. They are basically a hole dynamited out of a huge red rock. They have concrete floors, concrete walls, front patio door. No running water, sink or toilet. No bed. You will need to bring whatever you want to sleep on, unless you like concrete, and whatever you like to keep yourself warm and comfortable. The rooms stay a pretty constant temperature. Not sure what it is, Rod may help out here. My guess would be around 65*. Which is pretty good for sleeping, and a nice relief on a hot day. Pretty doubtful that you will hear your neighbors if the doors/windows are closed. Great protection from wind and rain

Location - UT68, Moab, UT