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Where Will You Invest?
It is the time of year where many of us share gifts with our families and friends. Some volunteer at food banks or other programs helping those less fortunate. It is also the time of year many of us make decisions about how much and where to invest our charitable dollars.  We hope you’ll take time to review the accomplishments the Arizona Pilots Association volunteers and members have racked up this year. Our safety, scholarship, social, and backcountry programs have all had great successes, and our membership is up nearly 50% in the last two years. Your APA also awarded scholarships this year, assisting two high school students in following their dreams of aviation careers. Of course, we cannot ignore the six new backcountry airstrips on federal lands we've regained access to, and we have also embarked upon the task of adding private airstrips to our usable inventory! All these new airstrips will need maintenance and improvements such as picnic tables, shades, and rented facilities like the Port-A-John at Grapevine. Your APA is spearheading such work, but all these programs and projects will require financial and volunteer support to be a success. Every dime you invest goes directly to this work as no one in the APA draws a salary.  
Would you be willing to invest in Arizona’s backcountry future, and APA’s critical role?  The APA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and I hope you would agree, worthy of your tax deductible contribution as this year comes to a close. Whether you give financially or through your time and efforts, we appreciate all of you who have and continue to contribute to the cause of general aviation in Arizona!
Below is the form to donate with your credit card.  
Or, if you would like to send payment by check, please mail your check to:
Arizona Pilots Association
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Phoenix, AZ 85082-1242
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