As of May 1st, our fatal accident count now stands at two, with 3 fatalities. On April 16th, a Bell 206 experimental helicopter crashed about a mile south of Fort McDowell while on the last test flight of the main rotor blades before beginning the certification process. The following is the NTSB official report: Read more: My Escape is Flying (GAARMS) On April 16, 2019, at 0706 mountain standard time, a
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  Flying back to Tucson from San Diego a couple of years ago, I got a weather briefing, filed an IFR flight plan, and headed east on a nice Sunday afternoon. With full fuel tanks in the Piper Arrow, I could easily make it to Marana (KAVQ), but decided to make a fuel stop in Casa Grande (KCGZ). The weather had been very good all the way across Southern California, and
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  For all you backcountry adventurers, we’ve lined up a few weekend fly ins this fall where we can catch up with each other and enjoy the backcountry! We made such great strides over the last few years re-opening our backcountry to aviation, and had lots of fun and friendship in the process! Each of these airstrips also needs a little TLC to keep them in safe condition
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~ Scholarship Winner: Michael Daniels   By Andrew Vogeney  I’m writing this one from Chicago. The fog is so thick I can’t see the apartment building across the street. Easter was beautiful – we had brunch outside on our patio. The following Saturday – snow! Rain, snow, and some other meteorological phenomenon that could have been
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By Mike Andresen   We had quite the crowd at Grapevine this past month! Thirteen airplanes of all types were there. Piper and Cessna were well represented along with the experimentals. Of course, the Carbon Cub and other backcountry-outfitted tailwheels were there too. The winds were pretty calm up until the afternoon and then they picked up a bit. Our hosts, Diana and
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  Spring is coming to an end, summer is knocking on our door, and I can hardly believe all the bugs that are still flying around. Last weekend when I returned from flying, the airplane looked like it may have been approaching an over gross condition with all the bugs on the canopy and leading edges. Keeping a separation between bugs on the windshield and the traffic out
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Greetings, For Arizona pilots, the summer season means we're up a lot earlier than normal and we seem to be scraping less bugs off since we're flying higher than during the winter months. Whatever keeps us flying... We had a great winter filled with several backcountry events, getaways, local flying and an amazing Copperstate Fly-In. Even with this all behind us, Summer
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  The following are the NTSB reports of the aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late March through late April. APA will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the action necessary to prevent them from having similar
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As of April 1st, our 2019 safety record is holding steady with just the one fatal accident out in the Kingman area in January. The following is the NTSB official report: On January 13, 2019, about 1045 mountain standard time, a Piper PA22-160 airplane, N9227D, was substantially damaged when it impacted mountainous terrain in the Hualapai County Park, Hualapai, Arizona under
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If you ever took any kind of music lessons, you hear that expression many times. Of course, it would apply to almost any endeavor that you undertake. Let’s apply that to aviation. The Military and the Airlines learned that practice makes perfect many years ago. Everyone has seen the movie “TOP GUN” almost 30 years ago. The “Top Gun” school was started in 1969 to train pilots