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  Happy New Year to one and all! I trust you all had a great holiday season! Apparently, Santa and the reindeer did a great job of landing on everyone’s roof since I did not see any Santa accident reports or any reports of roof damage. May this coming year be your best yet, and as the Arizona aviation community, let’s try to make 2019 the safest year on record. GAARMS
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Pinal airpark is known for several things. It was a training airport during WWII and after the war it was given to Pinal County, AZ. It has gone through many changes since that time. At one time Evergreen used it for a repair base. It still is used for military parachute jump training by all services. It has been a storage base for surplus aircraft, and you will see many
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~ Scholarship Winner: Austin Dunagan   By Andrew Vogeney  Thanks to the generosity of our members, the Arizona Pilots Association awards several scholarships each year. This money is given to deserving young men and women who aspire to have a career in aviation. This year proved incredibly difficult for the Scholarship Committee
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I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays, and is enjoying the cool, dense and relatively stable flying weather. The increased aircraft performance is very noticeable and much appreciated. Now, if only the pilot performance had also improved an equal amount. As a side benefit, after returning from a recent relatively lower altitude breakfast flight, I was going to clean the
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With the New Year upon us, everyone seems to have some sort of resolution. Lose weight? Nope. Sleep more? Not likely. For generations, these resolutions seem to die out after the first couple of weeks. How about, “I will aviate more safely?” I’m not talking about just the portion between takeoff and landing, but everything about the flight. How thorough was the weather
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The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that occurred in Arizona from November through late December. The Arizona Pilots Association will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and hopefully they will take the action necessary to prevent similar accidents
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  Our safety record this year is proving to be a bad year. The year is still not over, and November has further added negatively to the accident count. Officials confirmed a pilot and passenger died after their Zodiac 601crashed into a Heber-Overgaard home Friday night. The crash occurred near the Mogollon Airpark on the Overgaard side of the joint, unincorporated
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Many times, when a new pilot receives their temporary certificate from the examiner, the examiner will say something like this: “Here is your license to learn.” When I received my temporary certificate, the examiner said, “You still have a lot to learn,” and he was right. Of course, we all still have a lot to learn. I’m sure we all have heard the saying: “A good pilot is
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Pilots in Arizona are truly blessed. Not only do we have incredible flying weather nearly every day of the year, we have amazing destination airports that offer quick access to some remarkable attractions. Ernest A. Love Field in historic Prescott, Arizona, is one of these places. Prescott lies deep in the pine forests of the Bradshaw Mountains and enjoys milder weather than
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By Connor Barrett & Armon Haghighat -AZPILOTLIFE A wonderful group of aviators and their guests joined us on December 9th at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN) for a day filled with tours, history, and great conversation with fellow aviators. The brisk morning started off with marshaling planes into the ramp, and transporting the fly-in guests to the KGCN