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  Last month’s Airport Focus column on Sierra Vista presented the attractions and activities in the area. This month, we’ll focus on the VFR approach and departure procedures. Sierra Vista is unique in that it is not only a joint-use military and civilian airport, but it is also under Restricted Areas and is home to many Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), better known as
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  As we enter August and realize our flying season is closer than ever, we start thinking about where we can go. Arizona has a unique airport that many pilots steer clear of simply because of “the hassle,” or because “it’s complicated,” or “it’s a Restricted Area.” Training can certainly resolve the prior two reasons, but Restricted Areas are certainly no-go’s when
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The Phoenix metro area is home to some of the busiest airports on the planet. Besides the obvious landmark of Phoenix Sky Harbor, the metro’s multiple reliever airports absorb the bulk of the valley’s general aviation needs. The busiest by a longshot is Phoenix Deer Valley Municipal Airport (KDVT). While several of our Airport Focus articles have centered on lesser-known
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  Arizona has a rich history with Aviation. From Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earheart to being home to hundreds of military airfields during World War II. This month’s focus airport served the latter. Many Phoenix-area pilots have heard of Gila Bend. Nearly all valley students have landed there. What isn’t so well known is that the Gila Bend area was instrumental in
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Pilots in Arizona are truly blessed. Not only do we have incredible flying weather nearly every day of the year, we have amazing destination airports that offer quick access to some remarkable attractions. Ernest A. Love Field in historic Prescott, Arizona, is one of these places. Prescott lies deep in the pine forests of the Bradshaw Mountains and enjoys milder weather than
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Summer has finally released her grip on Arizona and the planes are starting to make noise again. The thirst for avgas increases as our planes come to life for the winter flying season. Now that things have cooled down a bit, we’ll focus on one of our southern-border airports – Nogales (KOLS). This gem of an airport has a ton of history and beauty to offer visiting pilots
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Last month’s focus on Show Low offered pilots a great entry point to the White Mountains for everything the mountains and the town has to offer. This month we’ll move a little further to the east and take a look at the smaller town of Springerville (KJTC). Not only does the location of this airport offer another entry point to the White Mountains, there are fantastic
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With the summer heat in full swing in central Arizona, many of us begin to look towards the Northern Arizona airports for some relief. How about Show Low? While it’s not quite “Northern,” it still fits the bill nicely. On the edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and near the White Mountains, Show Low can be the weekend getaway you’re looking for when escaping the
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The recent AZ Airport Focus articles have focused on what to do around the airport, based on what the communities have to offer. This month is different, and we’ll focus on the nothingness around this particular airport. In this case, getting there is getting away, and it can be pure bliss. As much of our membership can attest, the Grapevine airstrip (88AZ) on the southwest
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Arizona is marked by incredibly rugged terrain, rustic beauty and insanely brilliant landscape. In fact, there are three National Parks in Arizona: The Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Saguaro. Arizona typifies the Old West seen in movies over the last 75 years. Fortunately, that rustic Old West look and feel is still very much alive today throughout the state. The remote