As nearly all aviation media and sources have been reminding us, January 1, 2020, is coming much faster than many of us realize. Call around and you'll find that shops are booked well into next year for any type of avionics work, much less an ADS-B Out installation. I have a minor upgrade planned and the earliest I can get in is late February! Fortunately, I bit the bullet on ADS-B Out last year. Since then, some additional options have been certified that allow just an A&P/IA signature on an FAA Form 337. The uAvionix Skybeacon or Tailbeacon are both sub-$2,000 ADS-B Out solutions that have been certified and STC'd for many common aircraft. The company claims installation takes approximately one hour and experience from several close pilot friends says that is true. This may be an option to consider if you are unable to secure shop time before the deadline.

I've been on international travel much of the summer to areas where General Aviation is either heavily restricted or prohibited altogether. This forced abstinence from flying has given me new perspective on just how much we take flying for granted. Our ability to simply decide to go flying just because we want pancakes is an amazing privilege. With little more than a check of the weather, NOTAMS, and TFRs, a spur of the moment flight occurs. Let's not waste this privilege and let it fall by the wayside. Spend time with your airplane and pilot friends, plan trips, make short practice flights to stay current, and most of all, enjoy the unique experience we share in aviation!

The Arizona flying season is quickly approaching and APA is already planning organized trips to give us even more excuses to fly. Whether they are day trips or getaway trips, visit the APA calendar often to see what we have planned. We're planning airport open houses, fly-in community open houses, recreational trips, educational trips, safety seminars, and more.

I'll see you out there!


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