After a Thanksgiving meal that required an updated weight and balance for me and my passengers, we're looking forward to getting more flying in now that our weather has turned into amazing. Crisp cool mornings that allow for that coveted "standard day" performance are finally here! My Comanche seems to leap off the runway, even though it's only a 180 model. Whatever your destination may be, make it a safe one. The Arizona weather before and after Thanksgiving was spectacular, but the massive statewide storm that spawned tornadoes was more violent than predicted. Snow levels were lower than predicted, meaning icing levels were also lower. This time of year means our clouds are often filled with moisture. Couple that with the rugged mountains, and you have a recipe for potential disaster.

Spend a little extra time with your EFB and the briefing. If it isn't crystal clear, call a briefer and discuss over the phone. Make sure you fully understand what it is you will be flying not only through, but flying near. A memorable flight this time last year took me near a SIGMET Tango. The boundary wasn't a straight a line as the graphic had indicated, though a briefer would have explained that the impacted area was growing. I learned that after making the PIREP. Fortunately, nobody got sick, though it was a close call.

Be sure to check our calendar out on the APA website. It's chock full of aviation destinations. As always, I look forward to meeting you while out and about. Stay flying and stay safe!

Blue Skies,


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