As 2019 came to an end with rain and snow, I looked back and realized I didn't do nearly as much flying as I'd planned to do. I didn't spend nearly as much time in the hangar as I had planned to spend. I didn't get to read about flying as much as I'd planned, either. Bottom line, as a pilot, I'd planned to spend a lot more time doing aviation-related stuff. Of course, this year will be different. I have a plan! Hopefully, you have a plan as well. Plan to fly to a new airport. Plan to take some non-flying friends up for a ride. Plan to add a rating or endorsement. This year, actually carry out the plan. I will be doing the same. I wish you the best!

By now, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about ADS-B. This will be my last note on it. If you're still able to fly in rule airspace, then you've done well and complied with the ADS-B mandate. If you're grounded, the FAA has given you a cumbersome workaround that allows you to fly in rule airspace on a flight-by-flight basis. Hopefully, the flight will be to a shop to install ADS-B so you can freely enjoy the awesome Arizona flying season.

Blue Skies,


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