As we're already partially through February, I can't help but think how quickly 2020 is already going! Fortunately, much of the state has been blessed with outstanding flying weather. APA hosted our first Grapevine weekend of the year with 22 aircraft on site. The blood, sweat, and tears that APA volunteers poured into that strip are shining through. I haven't met a pilot yet that doesn't love Grapevine. Be sure to plan your visit at one of our 3rd weekend lunch and camp outs here. APA Calendar

The Aviation Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) held their awards banquet for safety in January and APA was privileged to present the Ruth Reinhold award to one of our members, Fred Gibbs. This award is presented to the individual who made the most impact on aviation safety in Arizona, and we felt that Fred fit that bill perfectly. His General Aviation Accident Reduction Symposium (GAARMS) presentations done statewide drill down into Arizona's fatal accident data to determine what could have been done differently to prevent the accident. Fred's tireless efforts have been presented to hundreds of pilots each year.

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Lastly, I can't help but notice the upbeat trend in General Aviation. From new models of aircraft being announced monthly, to tremendous improvements in avionics, to the number of GA aircraft flying to and from our airports. It is truly encouraging. You can help to further increase this buzz by inviting a non-flying friend up for a ride. Perhaps a pilot who's been away from aviation for a while? Get them airborne and show them how much fun flying in Arizona really is. Check out the events tab on our webpage to find the next event you can take them to.

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