At the time of this writing, we're still deep in the midst of quarantine, political and economic uncertainty, and a lot of unknowns on every side. It's a tough time for many of us, with loss of work, family members afflicted, suddenly becoming teachers, and the vast array of change to nearly every aspect of our lives. One thing that hasn't changed is my love for aviation. Specifically, my airplane. With much of my newfound time off, the belly of 68P is cleaner than it's been in much of the past 60 years of service. My exhaust valves have been borescoped to ensure many more hours of reliable operation, and my landing gear is cleaner than I've ever seen it. I've been able to dedicate much more time to my bird than before, and I love it. While I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of flying and the destinations 68P provides to me, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy putting TLC into an older airplane.

Another change that is welcomed by some is the drastic drop in traffic. The little blue triangles on my iPad are far fewer than just a couple of weeks ago. So few, in fact, that I feel the need to confirm that the connection to my ADS-B In device is "good." It is. While this is welcome in the short term and helps to relieve anxiety at larger airports, it is no doubt impacting nearly every facet of general aviation in a negative way. If you have the means, consider supporting what remains open. Most self-serve fuel points are still open. Several airport restaurants are still open for carry-out. Picnic under the wing, anybody? Now may be the time to consider upgrades if you're unable to fly. Be creative and think about the positive effect you can have on the economy.

We truly look forward resuming social gatherings centered around general aviation. As restrictions are lifted, we'll get them back on the calendar, and we sincerely hope to see you there, resolute in your support of GA.

Blue Skies,


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