In my career in the defense industry, I’ve traveled to some pretty incredible places around the world. I’ve been able to take in bucket list items around the globe and still grab any chance to travel that I can. I’ve taken some epic trips in our Comanche that I’d love to do again. Alaska to Florida, the Bahamas, Oshkosh (when it was still Oshkosh), Sun ‘n’ Fun, etc... This summer, the Comanche stayed hangered, and our family traveled around the US in our fifth wheel camper. The going was much slower, and ironically more expensive, but we stuck to the back roads and byways and were able to check off several more bucket list items. GA airports tend to be along backroads, too. Lots of them. I was able to see airports I’ve only heard about or read about. While in Colorado, the famed Eagle County Airport (KEGE) came into view. The craggy mountains in the near background, combined with the 6547ft elevation and significant private/corporate jet traffic, make this a challenging airport. Next was Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (KASE) that makes Eagle County seem like child’s play. At over 7800ft elevation with steep cliffs nearby, this is also a challenging airport. These are now on my bucket list of airports to fly into now. Up in South Dakota, the town of Spearfish has a remarkable airport (KSPF). This is a city-owned airport with a beautiful asphalt runway and a pair of well-marked, long and wide turf runways. Definitely a bucket list airport. Similarly, the backroads of Wyoming brought Sheridan County (KSHR) and Johnson County (KBYG) airports are among the beautiful Western portion of the state. In Utah, the Nephi Municipal (U14) and Manti-Ephraim (41U) airports are framed by the incredible Tintic and San Pitch Mountains.

 Here in the west, we’re also blessed with some of the best flying weather in the country. I’ve started to compile my bucket list of airports. Many of the airports on my list are in Arizona, but the Comanche will comfortably and quickly take us to exciting, interesting or challenging airports across the country. Think about your bucket list airports. Make a plan to get out and see them. Go with friends and family and make it a destination vacation and enjoy the adventure!

Blue Skies,


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