About a year ago, I found myself thinking out loud that at least 2020 was almost over! The craziness and chaos that surrounded nearly every facet of life last year would be coming to an end. A big sigh of relief, and then January came along. 2021 has turned out to be equally challenging, but in entirely different ways. The supply chain issues last year seemed to be fairly limited to cleaning supplies and toilet paper. This year, it's everything! Simply getting parts for the plane has become a scavenger hunt as suppliers are either on limited staff or shut down permanently. Time to get out and fly has become a challenge as my internal supply chain of responsibilities had to pivot to keep up with the world.

As I sit here this year and reflect, I won't make the mistake and believe that 2022 will be the easy year we were hoping for. Instead, I'm certain it will bring unique difficulties and opportunities and I plan to be ready to embrace and take advantage of them. I plan to rebalance my work-life balance far better this year. I plan to spend far more time behind the yoke of the Comanche this year. I plan to treat my family to some unique experiences that only general aviation can offer this year. If anything, the challenges of the past two years has shown that we can adapt and thrive when forced. I plan to do just that.

Copperstate is just around the corner in February, and we're looking forward to meeting and chatting with members and prospective members. We're looking forward to sharing general aviation with the younger generation attracted by the Buckeye Air Fair held in conjunction with Copperstate. Check out the great article by Mark Weiss in this newsletter for more details.

We're excited to help support the First Annual Navigation Challenge on February 26 and 27, 2022. This is a team event focused on VFR navigation to designated landmarks without the use of GPS. We'll conclude the event with a barbecue and prizes will be awarded for several categories. This event will be open to all pilots and aircraft, so please pay attention to our website event calendar, Facebook, and the next newsletter for updates on this great event.

As a close to 2021, be looking for a welcome addition in the form of a new two stall vault toilet at the old Double Circle Ranch airstrip, AZ66! Funding was provided through the USFS, thanks to the efforts of the RAF and negotiations between your APA, the regional Forest Service office, and the Clifton District Ranger.

Blue Skies,


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