And just like that, Copperstate has come and gone. It was a blessing to meet and talk with so many familiar faces and new members at our booth. APA also led packed forums on backcountry flying, some new aviation resources available free to pilots, and risk management. I love seeing the broad range of pilots at these forums.

This year, the STOL Drags were held at the Buckeye Air Fair. While not something I intend to attempt in my Comanche, they showcased an incredible amount of interest from the youngest generation of pilots (and non-pilots). This is a great demonstration of stick and rudder skills. The media blitz surrounding STOL Drags is simply amazing, and it was refreshing to see just how many younger folks were paying attention to GA aircraft. Pretty exciting times

We also used Copperstate to announce our upcoming Fly AZ Passport Program. We've partnered with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to develop a mobile app that is designed to encourage safe flying to our public use airports, aviation attractions, and airport-based restaurants. Prizes will be awarded as levels of completion are obtained. This is the first app of this nature in the country and we're excited to be working with Embry Riddle students on this. We are planning to roll this program out this summer. More news to follow on this.

Lastly, we co-sponsored the Inaugural Navigation Challenge at the end of February. See the full article in this newsletter for details, but we were excited to be part of this fun event. We'll be doing it again next year, so brush off your pilotage skills, and get ready.

Blue Skies,


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