This month’s report is being written at the annual EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the low 80’s temps are really great. It’s a bit hard to accept the fact that the aviation community here is operating in full force while we in Southern Arizona are in a partial hibernation because of the heat. I guess I’ll just enjoy it all while I can, and wish you could join me. Only at AirVenture will you see so many rare, and one of a kind aircraft, and this year was no exception. It’s truly a challenge to see everything you want to see, and it takes several days to do so.


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The meeting with the FAA Administrator at the EAA AirVenture was a bit brief. The FAA will continue to put an emphasis of flight safety with a goal of reducing the accident rate by 1% a year moving forward. The Administrator was optimistic that the goal of completing the transition to unleaded avgas by 2023 is possible because of STCs that are in process and the collaborative effort that is currently in process. As for MOSAIC (Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certificates), he expressed optimism that the finish line was in sight, and the FAA expects an NPRM will be available in August 2023, for public comment on the issue. Fortunately, there weren't any negative announcements presented. 


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It’s unfortunate that aviation safety hasn't improved in this reporting period. At least there weren't any fatal accidents of which I’m aware. The fatal accident near Buckeye reported at the end of last month’s report is repeated in the beginning of this month’s report with details from the recently released NTSB Preliminary Report.

For a detailed report of all the accidents and incidents that have occurred, see my Accident & Incident Summary report located elsewhere in this newsletter.

Members, please do continue to send accident information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the date, location, aircraft make, and type, if anyone got hurt, and with as much detail as possible. Thank You.

The number of pilot deviations have gone down a bit, but they still aren't as low as they should be. It appears that there are still a lot of pilots that don’t seem to know what’s expected of them when flying through the airspace they are in. Pilots need to pick up an Airman’s Information Manual (AIM) and brush up on the “high points.”

The summary of the general aviation deviations committed this reporting period are as follows:

Two Class Bravo Airspace Deviations Two Brashers
One Air Traffic Control Instructions Deviation None
Four Movement Area Deviations One Brasher
Five Runway Incursions None
One TFR Incursion One Brasher

For the details, see my Pilot Deviations Report elsewhere in this newsletter. 



A lot of the airports around the state have repair/construction projects under way, and we don’t have the latest status of all these projects, so always check for NOTAMs at your destination airport to determine what may be happening. Getting a surprise when you arrive isn’t always good, so be cautious and always fly informed. 


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  • The fly-in breakfast at Coolidge Municipal Airport (P08) was on the first Saturday of the month but has ceased for the summer months.
  • On the second Saturday consider flying down to Ryan Field (RYN) near Tucson for breakfast or lunch at Ritchie’s Restaurant. They are open from 6 am to 2 pm to serve you.
  • The Falcon Field Warbirds Squadron fly-in breakfast, which was on the third weekend of the month has also ceased for the summer months.
  • Grapevine is open full time, but the group dinner and camping weekends have ceased for the summer months. Our first event for the cooler season will be next month September 16-18!
  • On the last Saturday of the month a fly-in breakfast is continuing to be put on by the Casa Grande Masonic Lodge in the air-conditioned Terminal of the Casa Grande Airport. Apparently the upgrading of the lunch area didn’t meet inspection requirements. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it can come on line. 


Check with the APA Getaway Flights program and online calendar for fun weekend places to fly.

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