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  Greetings, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for being part of our wonderful membership. Your participation is more than just an annual set of dues or a necessary evil. The association does some amazing things at a local level for you as a pilot, and for those aspiring to be one. Over the past several years that I've been president, I've seen a steady increase in
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  Well it’s summer, and like it or not, it’s hot. Yes, summer is here, and you have to get up really early to go flying to beat the heat. At least one of the small benefits is that the bugs don’t seem to be much of a problem tike they were a few months back. When I fly out for breakfast with friends in the morning, I’ve found that I don’t want to waste any time getting
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  Greetings, We enjoyed meeting many of our members at the annual meeting on May 13th in Scottsdale. We met several scholarship winners and we got to hear what your APA is doing at the legislative level, for backcountry strips, recreation, and preparing for the future. While the acoustics weren't fantastic, we appreciate the opportunity to share and to hear from
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  Well, the full swing of spring is here, and it’s almost summer with its really high temps. So far, flying out for the Saturday morning breakfast has been great with cool smooth flights going. However, coming home, if we are a bit slow getting under way, the return flight can get a bit bumpy, even if the temps aren’t too bad. It seems that most aviation activities have
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  Greetings, I'll keep it brief this month because our annual membership meeting is only a few days away. On May 13th, we'll be meeting at 7350 E Evans Rd, Hangar E-110 near the Scottsdale Airport at 10 am. Come out and hear what your APA has been up to, learn about some opportunities and initiatives, and get plugged in. Our board is a dedicated group of pilots who love
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  Well, spring must definitely be here because the bugs certainly are. As I mentioned last month, when I get back from the Saturday morning breakfast flight, I really have to scrub the airplane down. I don’t know what your present flying experience is like, but perhaps you fly much higher and farther and don’t encounter the pests like I do, but you have to takeoff and
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  Greetings, Our annual membership meeting is about a month away. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 13. The meeting will be held at a private hangar at the Scottsdale Airport. The hangar is located at 7350 E Evans Rd. We have some exciting topics to share with the membership and we look forward to meeting you in person. As an added bonus, we have some
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  It looks like spring has to be just around the corner. I flew out to breakfast the other day, and when I got home my airplane was almost over gross weight with all the bugs that I had encountered on my flight. I certainly don’t think I flew that low to do it. With that many bugs, spring certainly must be just about here. I’ll have to get used to giving the airplane a
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  Greetings, We had a fantastic time meeting hundreds of members in Buckeye at the AOPA Fly-In and Buckeye Air Fair, as well as the recent Cactus Fly-In. We were also happy to chat with dozens of out-of-state pilots who attended. We were proud to talk about the FlyAZ Passport program and we received some great feedback. We appreciate those who took the time to stop
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  It looks like the winter weather is in our rear-view mirror, and spring is on its way. The nights are cool and the early morning flights for the Saturday morning breakfasts are truly delightful. If it stayed this way for too long, I fear we would be overrun with more people than we would want. I hope some of you made it out to Buckeye Airport for the Buckeye Air Fair