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    Fall weather is finally here, and although some of the days have been a little warmer than normal, the flying weather has been great. I hope all of you have been enjoying it, also. It’s been good going on the weekend morning breakfast flights, and enjoying them with friends, and not getting banged around on the way home. This is the time of the year that we
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  Greetings, In last month's column, I debated with myself whether to upgrade the hodge-podge steam gauge panel in my Comanche to a glass/partial-glass solution, or to keep the steam gauges going. The math was (seemingly) a no brainer; glass can run upwards of $130k, while keeping the legacy gear running can be a couple thousand per year. It's obviously far less
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    The fall weather is supposed to be on us, and fortunately the temperatures have come down a bit and the mornings have produced some really great cool flying. I certainly hope we are through with the really strong damaging monsoon winds that we had this year that blew in hangar doors and upset airplanes that were outside. Here is hoping that we can put this
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  Greetings, The recent massive advances in avionics technology in just the last five to ten years is astounding. My steam gauge Comanche has been considered modern only a couple times in its life. In 1960 when new and outfitted with a complete IFR package, and again in 1989 when we took ownership of it and installed a civilian radio package and updated IFR gear after
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    The monsoon weather has been interesting to say the least. It’s taken down trees around the various airports, and caused other minor, and in some cases, major damage because in some cases it’s done in some airplanes also. Apparently, it wasn’t always because the airplanes weren’t properly secured. I was told, in one case, the tie down rings were torn out of the
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  Greetings, In my career in the defense industry, I’ve traveled to some pretty incredible places around the world. I’ve been able to take in bucket list items around the globe and still grab any chance to travel that I can. I’ve taken some epic trips in our Comanche that I’d love to do again. Alaska to Florida, the Bahamas, Oshkosh (when it was still Oshkosh), Sun ‘n’
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    Well, here we are, in the middle of the monsoon season with its rain. There was about a week that the flying weather really wasn’t very good. Highly unusual for Arizona, where unlimited visibility is usually the rule. The other weekend, when a group of us would normally fly somewhere to have breakfast, it was drizzling rain, and the discussion was that we may
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  Greetings, It seems that every year vast swaths of our precious forests catch on fire. A variety of causes are always to blame: lightning, car fires, errant sparks, campfires... Arizona's extreme heat and near constant drought conditions result in perfect conditions for these fires to propagate. You may ask what this has to do with flying. Lots. The recent fires
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    Summer sure is here! It seems like you can’t get up early enough to beat the heat. The bugs must have got it figured out though, as I noticed that on the last few flights that I hardly pick up any bugs, and it didn’t take much to clean the windshield. I think the airplane may be handling the hot weather better than I, because the last time I flew out for
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  Greetings, Another first in APA history has occurred; APA members voted for Board of Directors terms via an electronic ballot! Thank you for participating and making your voice heard. I also thank you for placing your confidence in the current board members, as each up for election was retained. Since APA’s founding, these elections have been in person at annual