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  I hope everyone has been able to do a little flying in spite of what has been happening around us. The Governor hadn’t closed down GA airports as of the writing of this, so hopefully you can go to the airport and go flying for a while. Practice some of the pilot training exercises to sharpen up the coordination skills and make a bunch of touch-and-go landings to keep
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Greetings, What a difference a month makes. Nearly every facet of American life has been affected and changed due to CoVid-19. Unfortunately, it has impacted aviation. With Governor Ducey's order of Shelter-in-Place for Arizona, it has impacted us even further. As a precaution, the APA board decided to postpone our Annual Meeting. We had a great venue and guest speaker
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  I hope everyone has been enjoying the reasonably good flying weather we’ve been having, despite that one really rainy Saturday we had. Hopefully a lot of you were able to go to the recent Copperstate Fly In at Buckeye. There were many pilots that stopped by the APA display in the Vendor’s Hangar. It was good to have a chance to visit with many of you, and we hope you
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Greetings, February was chock full of local aviation fun. From a record-breaking Copperstate Fly-In held in Buckeye, to a record-breaking monthly Grapevine fly-in, to multiple breakfast club fly-outs, and folks just looking to camp in the backcountry, we had a great month! Thank you to the hundreds of members who swung by the APA booth at Copperstate to chat with us. We love
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  Well, we are into the new year and I hope all is going well for everyone. The flying weather has been pretty good, and we haven’t had really cold mornings to put up with. I haven’t had the problem this winter of getting out to the airport at or before dawn to fly someplace for breakfast, scurry around with the preflight inspection, push the plane out, ready to go
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Greetings, As we're already partially through February, I can't help but think how quickly 2020 is already going! Fortunately, much of the state has been blessed with outstanding flying weather. APA hosted our first Grapevine weekend of the year with 22 aircraft on site. The blood, sweat, and tears that APA volunteers poured into that strip are shining through. I haven't met
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    I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. Unfortunately, the weather we had over the holidays wasn’t very conducive to doing much flying. It seems like it’s been a long time since we have had so many days strung together that have been nasty like it was. However, it didn’t appear to have slowed down the Christmas
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Greetings, As 2019 came to an end with rain and snow, I looked back and realized I didn't do nearly as much flying as I'd planned to do. I didn't spend nearly as much time in the hangar as I had planned to spend. I didn't get to read about flying as much as I'd planned, either. Bottom line, as a pilot, I'd planned to spend a lot more time doing aviation-related stuff. Of
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    I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice fall flying weather. We may have had a few days when it rained on our parade, but what the heck, generally it’s been great. Now is the time to get together with a group of fellow pilots and fly somewhere for breakfast or lunch, and enjoy the conversation, solving the world’s problems. Enjoy the flight, and fly
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Greetings, After a Thanksgiving meal that required an updated weight and balance for me and my passengers, we're looking forward to getting more flying in now that our weather has turned into amazing. Crisp cool mornings that allow for that coveted "standard day" performance are finally here! My Comanche seems to leap off the runway, even though it's only a 180 model