by Mike McCann

APA Day-Trip Coordinator


12/2/23 - Marble Canyon, AZ

On Saturday, December 2 we had a wonderful day trip to Marble Canyon, AZ.  Perfect weather existed along the entire route, and aircraft came from numerous directions including southern Utah, Lake Havasu, and multiple Phoenix area airports.  In total, 10 aircraft and 15 pilots and passengers arrived at L41.

day trip news marble canyon apa members

Located just 20 miles southwest of Page, AZ, Marble Canyon is considered “the beginning of the Grand Canyon.”   The airport is approximately 1,500 vertical feet below the canyon rims and the descent must be planned well ahead due to airspace restrictions in the canyon.

day trip news marble canyon airport

The views were amazing, both from the air and once we landed at L41.  Even better, winds were calm at the airport, something that is a bit rare for this airport.  A short, 10-minute walk from the airstrip took everyone to the Navajo Bridge which spans the Colorado River.  Originally a bridge for vehicular traffic, the bridge today is limited to pedestrian traffic, which made for wonderful sightseeing.

day trip news marble canyon navajo bridge

day trip news marble canyon colorado river

After spending some enjoyable time on the Navajo Bridge, everyone made their way back to the Marble Canyon Lodge (adjacent to the airstrip) for lunch.  Although the restaurant was undergoing extension remodeling, they were ready and waiting for us.  Everyone enjoyed the home cooking and conversation until it was time to head back to the airstrip.

day trip news marble canyon restaurant

The group departed around 12:30pm having spent a very enjoyable three hours at Marble Canyon.  Winds remained calm throughout the morning with everyone departing to the Southwest on runway 21.

day trip news marble canyon runway

In summary, everyone agreed that the combination of unique geology, beautiful cliff formations, the Colorado river, and a convenient and good restaurant made Marble Canyon a place many would like to return back to in the future.

Thanks to all that participated on this fun day trip!  I’m working on the next day trip destination (anticipated for early February).  Stay tuned for upcoming details in the very near future.

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