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The mornings are cooler, and the days are slightly cooler, so it appears fall is finally arriving with the promise of great flying weather. At least for now, longer comfortable morning flights are possible. With the onset of the fall weather, our flying season activity is starting to pick up with the notices of upcoming aviation fly-in events. It’s unfortunate that one of the
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It’s October in Arizona. As the rest of the country starts to buckle down and prep for winter, we’re putting the final polish on our planes and planning weekend destinations. Arizona is unique in that we are blessed with so many amazing destinations. With 80+ public-use airports to choose from, a growing list of backcountry airstrips, and nearby states with airports close to
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I’ll be glad when the monsoon season is over and the atmosphere dries out once again. The mornings seem to be getting a bit cooler, so I guess it shouldn’t be too much longer. I know, be patient; it’ll be cooling down again before too long. Unfortunately, patience just isn’t one of my strong points. In the meantime, let’s get out there early and enjoy the freedom of flight
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The mornings have become ever so slightly cooler, and the nights are noticeably longer. What a difference a month makes. That can only mean one thing: Flying season is almost here! Your APA has a whole host of fun, interesting, exciting, relaxing and challenging adventures planned for this year. We have long-distance getaways, local day trips, fly-ins, fly-outs, backcountry
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Well, it’s summer, it’s hot, and the comfortable flying time is rather limited. Fortunately, I’m in Wisconsin attending the EAA AirVenture fly in while writing this. As a result, this month’s report is going to be a bit abbreviated. It’s different to see everything green and relatively lush. It’s also going to be interesting to see what’s happening and what’s new at AirVenture
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100 degrees at 7am? Wow, summer is definitely here! While often uncomfortable, flying in the heat offers unique challenges and opportunities. Density altitude calculations for many popular destinations become critical and may actually exceed the data in your Pilots Operating Handbook. Stick and rudder pilotage skills are honed when the autopilot can’t keep up with the
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By Jim Timm Read more: July 2018 Executive Director's Report July 2018    No kidding, it’s hot out, it’s bumpy, and often not a lot of fun flying this time of year. I guess I need to be a bit more philosophical about it and realize we are 180° out of phase with the northern part of the country, as far as comfortable flying seasons are concerned, and stop complaining. In any case, when you do go flying, be
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Vice President's Report  Passing the Baton  Once upon a time, way back when, a long long time ago, sometime around the year 2000 plus or minus a year or so, I was asked to join the Arizona Pilots Association Board of Directors. Within about a year, I was elected as President and have been doing so ever since (with the exception of about one or two years). As a
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Summer has definitely hit State 48 with triple-digit temps across much of our state. The typical summer slowdown in flying has hit and the taxiways are a little less-crowded. Fortunately, the early sunrise means some fantastic early morning trips can still be made before our planes turn into ovens. This is my first President’s Report since being elected president of your
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It’s become that time of the year when we give more consideration to flying out to some of the higher altitude airports for breakfast, just a short break to enjoy the cooler weather. So, it’s also time to start giving much more serious attention to density altitude when you head out. Here’s hoping you will be able to work in a flying summer vacation. Whatever you do, please