Pegasus Airpark HopeKids Fly-In 

By Nelson Garrison 



The Second Annual HopeKids Fly-In was held October 15, 2016, at Pegasus Airpark. There were 23 families from HopeKids, and we were able to give rides to all the families in attendance and to a few other family members. If you haven’t heard of HopeKids, check them out online.

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The event started at 6:30am and we soon had most of the families eating breakfast or headed for rides with local pilots. With all the other local events that weekend, the number of visiting pilots was down some, but we still had a good turnout. In many ways it worked out better since we had less incoming traffic to deal with.

hopekids2016-6     hopekids2016-7     hopekids2016-8

We had fly-bys from Jon Melby and our local Steerman pilot, along with a few others. Neil Jones from Quantum Helicopters brought out a new Robinson R66 for everyone to check out. In addition, we had local displays of multiple Pitts airplanes, Steerman, Piper Cubs, and various other aircraft on display.

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The Queen Creek fire department came and had an engine and crew available for questions and pictures. Many of the local residents brought out their classic cars, and the kids and families were able to take pictures with the vehicles.

hopekids2016-12     hopekids2016-13     hopekids2016-14

We’re looking forward to next year when we get to fly the HopeKids again!

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