Read more: Durango Colorado May 28 Weekend Getaway Getaway Flight to Durango, CO — May 28 Something different for this APA Getaway Flight. A venue that is indisputably awesome in the mountains of Colorado. This zip line excursion is for all ages. No running, flying or any athletic ability required. We fly into Durango-La Plata County Airport (KDRO) Saturday morning May 28, pick up a rental car, and drive to the train
Guaymas APA Getaway Flight Report By Brad Lawrence After much anticipation and anxiety by the members preparing to fly to Guaymas on Feb 5, the trip turned out to be much easier and smoother than expected. We all managed to navigate the CBP’s eAPIS and the Mexican multi-entry permit process. Flights to Mexico are riddled with nearly the same amount of unknowns as is
  Read more: Front Country Fly-in Getaway to Cottonwood and Winery Tour on April 23rd  Verde Valley Wine Tour April 23rd, 2016 Pines Motel res 928-634-9975   The Front Country Fly-in to the Verde Valley is coming up soon!   Due to schedule changes a few rooms have become available again at The Pines Motel, but will only be held for the Arizona Pilots Association until March 23rd. Call 928-634-9975 now to reserve your room! This
Read more: 58th Annual Cactus Fly-In at CGZ March 4-5   Read more: 58th Annual Cactus Fly-In at CGZ March 4-5 Join the APA at the 58th Annual Cactus Fly In  Casa Grande Airport   Fly in or Drive in - We look forward to seeing you there!    2016 Forums Presented by the Arizona Pilots Association Friday, March 4, 2016 Dave Dunteman - Back to Basics Saturday, March 5, 2016 Tommy Thomason - AZ Backcountry Flying Contact Tommy
Read more: Alamo Lake Breakfast Fly-In to Wayside Inn on Feb 13 at 9:30am   Come enjoy breakfast at the Wayside Inn on Alamo Lake Saturday, February 13, 2016 9:30am The Wayside Inn is a small trailer park with a great little restaurant in the desert about 5 miles east of Alamo Lake. Alamo Lake airstrip is not on the sectional chart. GPS coordinates are 34°14'49.2"N 113°29'13.2"W Here is a link to SkyVectorHere is a link to Google
APA Getaway Fly-in to Guaymas, Mexico February 5-7 (NEW DATE) By Brad Lawrence Read more: APA Getaway Fly-in to Guaymas, Mexico We already have over a dozen airplanes signed up for the fly-in to Guaymas and more are coming. This should be a very smooth operation and a lot of fun especially for the first timers experiencing Mexico. As you read in the Dec 2015 APA Newsletter, the long term items for preparation were the
Read more: The Austermiller “Breakfast Club” The Austermiller "Breakfast Club" By Kit McCloud On Sunday, December 12, Daryl and Karen Austermiller (Prescott) “summoned” some flying friends to join them for breakfast in Payson at the restaurant on the field. It was a good turn out on this crystal clear morning with several hungry aviators making the trek. What a delightful view of the Mogollon Rim
New Year’s APA Getaway Flight Guaymas, Mexico  Feb 6-7, 2016  By Brad Lawrence  The next getaway flight will be a little different regarding the direction of flight: due south. For most of you, a trip to Mexico is not new, but for those of you never testing the waters, so to speak, this trip could serve you well with experience and reduce your anxiety. Traveling
This Event Will Be Rescheduled for Later This Year Backcountry Camping and Cookout in Payson (KPAN) May 15-17, 2015 Payson Airport Campground Come help us thank thirteen year old James Nebrig for his hard work in providing a picnic shelter at the Payson (KPAN) airport campground! James and his parents, Ken and Lorrie, will be joining us for a weekend of fun, food, and flying in
Read more: Inde Motorsports April 2015 Fly-In INDE MOTORSPORTS AIRPARK FLYIN – April 18, 2015 By Kit McCloud “I always thought every day was a gift, but now I am looking for where to send the thank you note.” ~Randy Pausch Read more: Inde Motorsports April 2015 Fly-In I know where to send my thank you note for at least one very special day. THANK YOU JOHN MABRYof Inde Motorsports! To say he made my day is not enough. A day outing to Inde Motorsports is to be