Mogollon Airpark (AZ82) Overgaard, AZ. Many of us have traded the heat of the summer for those cool breezes whispering through the tops of the pines on the Mogollon Rim. At 6,658’, 50 miles east of Payson, 35 miles west of Show Low, surrounded by the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and nestled in the world’s largest stand of those Ponderosa pines, lies the magnificent Mogollon Airpark.

Officially in the town of Overgaard and next to its neighbor, Heber. Like most airparks Mogollon is private and is not open to the public for general operations. However, it's open to guests of airpark residents. The only requirement is that the guest pilot execute a hold-harmless agreement (available via the website) and submit it in advance of their arrival. This is mentioned on the airpark's homepage at

It’s not just a beautiful location. A 30 minute drive from the airpark, in its mid-80s summers, gives you access to 5 Alpine lakes with all the fishing, kayaking, hiking, golfing, horse and ATV trails…. you could ever dream of. Let’s not forget to mention that an hour-and-a-half will get you to Sunrise Park, Arizona’s largest ski resort. To paraphrase John Geddes, “…freshly cut trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin – inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night…” Wow! A place with a little bit of every season to enjoy.

All the cedar-sided homes within the park have similar architecture to maintain a harmony with nature. The 56 aircraft on the field are housed in the hangars of like construction that also seem to slip quietly into the woodsy background. The Homeowners Association proudly hosts an annual summer fly-in with exhibitions, serving breakfast and lunch. Even with the higher density altitude, the 3420’x50’ asphalt runway can accommodate most aircraft, but be ready to stay the night or take-off before sunset as the runway is for day use only. Good thing… wildlife on the runway is a distinct possibility.

The residents boast Mogollon to be the friendliest airpark in Arizona. With community center facilities for the pot luck dinners, movie nights, raffles… they definitely know how to have a great time!

There are currently 3 homes for sale at the airpark and one hangar. Not all of the properties have a hangar and house together. There are also empty lots for sale to build a home and/or a hangar.




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