Montezuma (19AZ) Camp Verde, AZ. This airpark is situated 20 miles due south of Sedona and 15 miles southeast of Cottonwood, adjacent to Hwy 17. However, one cannot see this airpark from the highway because it’s on a plateau which provides magnificent views of the surrounding mountains for the airpark residents. Runway elevation and length are both 3300’. The airpark is totally private and every parcel has at least a hangar, which was mandated by the HOA. 

I was welcomed by the HOA VP Jon Fineman and his wife, Bette. Both are accomplished pilots and have lived here for 19 years. They had aviation in common when they met, and have owned everything from Navions to Champs to 185s. Bette is a veteran author of aviation stories and gifted me with “Patterns – Tales of Flying… and of life.” This was such a pleasant surprise to be hosted by Jon and Bette, as well as visiting Camp Verde itself, which is nestled in the lush treed outcroppings of the Verde River. Driving by this area on Hwy 17, so many times I missed this gem.

The airpark was established in 1981 with 45 home/hangar sites of which a few are for sale. Each site is a minimum of two acres. A third of the homes have solar energy sources installed. In typical Arizona style, several of the residents are snowbirds and commute from cold country. The lighted runway (5 clicks on 122.9) has taxiways on both sides which are maintained very nicely. Even though a significant percentage of the residents don’t fly anymore, the airpark’s location, views and community make it a very attractive place to reside. When the airpark was established the HOA installed a pump house to supply the airpark residents with fresh water from two 400’ deep wells. Jon said that because the water source serves more than 9 residences, they have to conform to state water regulations which make the airpark HOA a water company, “Montezuma Heights Air & Water Company.”

On the plateau of the airpark you cannot hear the highway noise, but in the evenings on the east side of the park you can take in the pleasant sound of live music from the neighboring Cliff Castle Casino Hotel. In town you’ll see most people wearing cowboy hats while they tend to their business and mill around the quaint town center area. In the fall the area supports several corn and wine festivals; yes, corn. Some of the best sweet corn in the world as per Jon. Local attractions include Montezuma’s Castle, two miles from the airport, and Fort Verde State Historic Park, which is a preserve for parts of the Apache Wars-era fort as it appeared in the 1880s. If you have an eye out for airpark property this may fit the bill. Many thanks to Jon and Bette Fineman for their gracious hosting.

Montezuma Heights Airpark Camp Verde 43/44 

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Mgr: Glen Tenniswood (928) 274-1233






Mark Ziemann
#1 Mark Ziemann 2018-05-28 21:01
Glen Tenniswood is no longer the airport "manager" - the new Association President is Karen Lombardi. Persons interested in the airpark may contact Dr. Dana Myatt who is a realtor and lives in the airpark - 602 888 1287 - or email - or visit

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