Moreton Airpark (23AZ) Wickenburg, AZ. Moreton is one of the oldest in the family of private Arizona airparks. Originating on the Moreton Ranch, at an elevation of elevation 2455’, the airfield was first surveyed and graded back in the fifties. In 1958 it was recognized by the federal government and designated by the FAA as 23AZ.

The airfield property originally encompassed 340 acres of land. The airpark is comprised of lot sizes of 4, 10, and 20 acres. Presently there is a 137 acre parcel for sale with 24 – 4 acre home sites. There is an adjacent 50 acre lot within the Special Use Permit for sale which could be used to expand the airpark. The field has 3 runways, with 13/31 being the longest and widest at 4500’ x 75’. It has low intensity lights and is hard packed dirt. Moreton airpark operates under a Special Use Permit for hangars on lots, taxiways, and general airport ops issued by Yavapai County and is home to over 25 based aircraft. Power is supplied by APS and the water comes from private wells.

The field is located 35 miles northwest of Surprise, AZ, and 7 miles northwest of downtown Wickenburg. It is situated between Black Hill, Casandro, and Flores. To the east on the other side of highway 93 is a large ongoing Van Tyle development at the Wickenburg Ranch Golf Course. Equestrian & winter-resident activities are increasing in popularity in the Wickenburg area. Moreton is definitely located in the middle of beautiful country to explore by plane, horse, 4x4, or on foot.

For pilots using Wickenburg airport, exercise caution for Moreton traffic given the two strips are less than 4 miles apart. Traffic approaching to land straight in on Wickenburg’s RWY 23 from the northwest come very close to Moreton’s traffic pattern.

The Airport Manager is Mr. Daniel Kropp 602-315-0323. For real estate inquiries please contact the APA sponsored Realtor, Ms. Pat Mindrup at West USA Realty 928-671-1597.

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