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~  Arizona Airport Passport Program  ~ AZAPP   By Trent Heidtke Welcome to the December edition of AZAPP Corner where we update you on the latest and greatest happenings regarding the Arizona Passport Program. The month of November continues to see an uptick in the number of people beginning the program.  Phase 1 of the program (placards at
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  by Jim Timm   The following is a report of the aviation accidents and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from late September through late October. We hope the following detailed accident information can be used to develop safety programs, and briefings that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the necessary action to
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  By Fred Gibbs   November 2022 is here, and according to the NTSB CAROL report, there have been no new fatal accidents during the month of October here in Arizona, a good sign. However, 2022 has not been a good year – it has been an above average year with regard to fatal accidents. The count currently stands at 7 in-state fatal accidents and one out-of-state
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   by Jim Timm   These pilot deviations need to be examined to determine if a common threat exists that we should address to help reduce the number of deviations that occur and enhance aviation safety. In the time period from September 16 through October 13 there were twenty-one pilot deviations recorded by the FAA SDL FSDO. These deviations were committed
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  Greetings, Jim Timm and Fred Gibbs write columns in this newsletter each month detailing GA accidents in Arizona. How great would it be if neither had to write anything at all? That would mean we all flew safely, made safe decisions, and we calculated risks accurately. In my time with APA, we haven’t had a month like that. Fuel starvation and controlled flight into
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By Chris Nugent   October has been an exciting month for the APA Scholarship program! We closed the 2021 APA scholarship cycle at the end of October and had another great turnout for the program with 43 applications being submitted. This is about the same number submitted in 2021 (42 applications) but still up significantly from the 29 we received in 2020 and 24
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  Well, fall weather has finally arrived. The days are noticeably shorter, but fortunately, the daytime temperatures have finally become very comfortable for flying. We need to get out there and enjoy it! I’ll look forward to seeing you at the airport or at the Saturday morning fly-in breakfasts. While taking a break over a morning cup of coffee, there was some
Read more: Safe, or Safety,  What Does it all Mean?  By Barbara Harper and Howard Deevers   The words safe and safety have not been used for long in industry as we find them used today. Now the words seem overused, or sometimes even mis-used. It seems that you can’t buy any product that does not come with some kind of “safety” warning on the label or printed on a paper that’s included with the
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  By Fred Gibbs   Just to be clear, the opinions and statements made within my articles are strictly mine and may not necessarily reflect any policy or position of the Arizona Pilots Association.   Fred’s Perspective:  Train as You Fly; Fly as You Trained That’s a mantra often heard in the flight instruction business. Or how about, just teach to pass
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  By Mark Spencer   We’re off to a cool fall, and the backcountry season is off to a great start! We’ve managed to crack seal and surface seal the Grapevine Airstrip (88AZ) on the Tonto National Forest for the second time since bringing this incredible airstrip back into service after a 26 year closure! In central eastern Arizona, we’ve added a new volunteer