2015 APA Scholarship Recipient Dylan Kuchan by Andrew Vogeney   Read more: 2015 APA Scholarship Recipient Dylan Kuchan It's crazy to think it was nearly 11 years ago that I earned my pilot's license, just a few weeks before graduating high school back in New York. I was so fortunate to have attended a half-day program in high school that funded a great deal of my training. So when Stefanie and Jim asked me to join the
Read more: 2016 Membership Drive Dear Arizona Pilots, The mission of the Arizona Pilots Association (APA) is to act as the unified voice of general aviation in Arizona to preserve and protect our shared interests as pilots within the state. I am writing to share what the APA has been doing for the Arizona Aviator. We realize that results count, and with membership growing by nearly 50% in the last two
Read more: Durango Colorado May 28 Weekend Getaway Getaway Flight to Durango, CO — May 28 Something different for this APA Getaway Flight. A venue that is indisputably awesome in the mountains of Colorado. This zip line excursion is for all ages. No running, flying or any athletic ability required.We fly into Durango-La Plata County Airport (KDRO) Saturday morning May 28, pick up a rental car, and drive to the train
Backcountry Events Read more: Backcountry Updates By Mark Spencer  Spring has brought some pretty good flying weather for us this year, and with it some great backcountry flying and events. This weekend’s fly in camp at Pleasant Valley (24AZ) just north of the beautiful and historic community of Young, went off without a hitch. Just after the first two aircraft arrivals, a light rain fell
By Jim Timm Read more: April Aviation Accident Summary April 2016  The following are the NTSB reports of the aviation accidents that occurred in Arizona from late February thru late March, 2016. We will use this detailed accident information in the coming year to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and hopefully take the action necessary
By Jim Timm Read more: April 2016 Executive Director's Report April 2016  I hope all of you are out enjoying the great flying weather we have been having as much as I have. It’s obvious that spring must be here, because I can’t believe the amount of bugs I’ve been picking up flying. It appears that I’ve either been spending too much time flying at low altitudes, or this spring’s bugs
Pilots Win Lawsuit Against City of Glendale Arizona  March 28, 2016 - After a four and a half (4 1/2) year dispute with the City of Glendale Arizona, the Glendale Airport Pilots Association (GAPA) has won a Motion for Summary Judgment against the city, stopping the city’s attempts to dictate the usage of privately owned hangar spaces on the airport. According to
GAARMS Report: April 2016 Read more: GAARMS Report: April 2016Fred Gibbs    Those of us who fly the new glass-cockpit Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) need to read the following: Technically advanced aircraft (TAA)—those with a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD), and GPS—are sexy. Pilots are drawn to them like Pooh Bear to honey. Besides being eye-catching, TAA
Read more: The “Next Gen” of Airman Certification StandardsThe “Next Gen” of Airman Certification Standards  Howard Deevers    We started into the “Next Generation” of Air Traffic Control over 8 years ago, although the mandate for the ADS-B (out) is not required until after January 1, 2020. Now, it looks like the FAA is making changes to Airman Certification Standards (ACS). Up to now, we
Backcountry Events Read more: Backcountry Events By Mark Spencer We’re off to a warm, dry spring, and the backcountry season is off to a great start! Last month’s 3rd Saturday weekend at Grapevine brought in over 30 aircraft and 60+ aviators, friends, and family. Hosts Rick Bosshardt, your Arizona CubCrafter’s dealer, and our faithful Mike Andresen, along with help from APA President