Pegasus Airpark HopeKids Fly-In  By Nelson Garrison      The Second Annual HopeKids Fly-In was held October 15, 2016, at Pegasus Airpark. There were 23 families from HopeKids, and we were able to give rides to all the families in attendance and to a few other family members. If you haven’t heard of HopeKids, check them out online. Read more: Pegasus Airpark HopeKids Fly-In    
By Jim Timm Read more: October Aviation Accident Summary October 2016 The following are the NTSB reports of the aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late August thru late September, 2016. We will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings to help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and hopefully take the action necessary to prevent similar
By Jim Timm Read more: October 2016 Executive Director's Report October 2016 It appears that Fall has finally arrived! The mornings are much cooler and the flying temperatures are getting much better. Looking at my calendar, it’s also evident that our flying season is beginning, based on the number of fly in events I see coming up. Let’s go flying, but fly safe! This kind of falls under the heading of
APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! Read more: APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! By Stefanie Spencer   Last weekend’s AOPA regional fly-in at Prescott’s Earnest J Love Field was a record breaker with 6,300 visitors! Read more: APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! Hoping for this sort of turn out, the APA pulled out all stops, leasing two booths and setting up a display that rivaled the big name commercial exhibitors. Of
Last Month's Getaway to Long Beach by Kit Murphy Read more: Last Month's Getaway to Long Beach What can I say about the last Weekend Getaway? We had a great time with old and new friends, exploring Avalon and the Queen Mary, and the weather was perfect! September is definitely the best time to go to Long Beach! Low 80s, light breezes, virtually cloudless, even at night it was wonderful. Some of us spent a
MEMBERS' PHOTO CORNER Thank you to Tim Timmons for this month’s photos! Where will you go next? Send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER April’s APA Happy Hour at Harold’s! by Mary James & Susan Wearly Our Spring Social at Harold’s Corral in Cave Creek on Thursday, April 28th was
GAARMS Report: October 2016 Read more: GAARMS Report: October 2016 Fred Gibbs Read more: GAARMS Report: October 2016 We are now three quarters of the way through 2016, or if you work for the government, it is the beginning of the new 2017 fiscal year and, of course, the FAA is gathering stats for last year’s safety record. Us real folks operate on the calendar year, and we still have 3 months to go. With no new fatal accidents since the
Read more: THE JOY OF FLYING A SMALL PLANEThe Joy of Flying a Small Plane Howard Deevers To the general public, any airplane that is not a jet with at least two engines is a small airplane. Even a King Air or Beech 1900 would be considered to be a "puddle jumper." To most of us single engine fliers, a King Air of any size is a "big plane." So making a long cross country flight, solo, in a "small" airplane
Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016 Read more: Arizona Backcountry Fall 2016 By Mark Spencer By the time this is published we will have had our first fall backcountry fly in behind us. I am itching to jump into the Cub and head up to 24AZ, Young Arizona for the Labor Day weekend. Temps are cooling, the Monsoon is nearly dissipating, and we’ll have several months ahead that folks in other parts of the country
Young Labor Day Weekend Read more: Young Labor Day Weekend By Mark Spencer This weekend’s fly in camp and Labor Day celebrations in Young would be hard to describe as anything but incredible, so much so that it will likely become an annual APA event! Of course, every successful fly in starts with participation, and from that perspective, we had no issues. In all, 20 aircraft and roughly 20