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The public tends to believe, and most General Aviation pilots also tend to believe, that military and airline pilots have special skills that the average pilot does not have. They do have type ratings and advanced training that most of us will never get. However, we all start the same way, with basic training, advancing to our first solo flight, our first cross country flight
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  2020 TO DATE: As of late October when I wrote this article, there has been no change in the NTSB’s report of fatal accidents here in Arizona, so I am pleased to report no change in our fatal accident rate. Within the GAARMs statistics, I try to only include general aviation accidents; therefore, the 2 helicopter crashes would not be counted within the GAARMS report
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  By Juergen Theerkom   Not all runways are smooth, straight, and flat. A shocking reality, but there it is. As we fly around in the valley of the sun, we use large, controlled, paved airports, fewer and fewer new pilots have had experience dealing with some of the more challenging aspects of working out of airports and aerodromes that present a different, more
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent As this edition of the newsletter goes to “print” the next APA scholarship cycle is in full swing, and we are looking forward to seeing the same number of outstanding applications as we did in 2019. While our overall goals and approach for managing the scholarship program have not changed, we have made what may
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  The following are the NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late August through late September. APA will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the action necessary to prevent them from having similar
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  Greetings, This year has flown by faster than most, pun intended. March seemed like it was about 18 years ago, but at the same time seems like yesterday. While this year’s aviation gatherings were definitely not what event planners, organizers, vendors, and attendees had in mind, this year gave rise to grassroots events. Though not nearly as grandiose as Sun ‘n’ Fun
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  On the last few flights, I haven’t seen many bugs on the airplane. In fact, last week’s flight didn’t produce a single bug on the windshield, it’s amazing. Apparently, fall must be trying to arrive because when the early morning flights end, it’s still comfortable out, and except for the wind the other weekend, flying has been smooth and very comfortable. I
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  By Howard Deevers   Not every pilot owns an airplane. Not every person with a driver’s license owns a car for that matter. You don't have to own a car to have a driver’s license, and you don't have to own an airplane to have a pilot’s license. Probably in both cases, it is likely that the license holder would like to own an airplane or a car. There are other
  2020 TO DATE: As of the date I wrote this article, there has been no change in the NTSB’s report of fatal accidents here in Arizona. The NTSB report, show here, lists those five fatal accidents, describing five fatalities (of which four were pilots) and three serious injuries (one pilot and 2 passengers). A recap of those accidents are as follows: Read more: Thank Goodness for Uber & GPS (GAARMS) Two of the
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  By Andrew Vogeney    I’m delighted to see that folks haven’t abandoned Halloween this year. It’s one of my favorite holidays and I love seeing the creative decorations that always pop up during “spooky season.” I wasn’t as delighted to encounter a few spider webs while cleaning out my hangar last weekend. But it got me thinking about a flying