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  By Fred Gibbs   2021 TO DATE: By the time this publishes it will be 2022, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and that Santa Claus was good to you, your family and your airplane! Below please find the latest NTSB data on fatal crashes here in Arizona. So far, up thru the end of November of this year, the record still stands at 7 fatal accidents, with 8
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   by Jim Timm   The following are the reports of aviation accidents and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from late October through November. APA will be using this detailed information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and take the action necessary to prevent
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  by Jim Timm   In the time period from October 15 through November 10, 2021, there were ten general aviation pilot deviations recorded by the FAA SDL FSDO. These deviations were committed by private, commercial, and CFIs,. Of the ten deviations made, there was a need to issue six Brashers. Note: a Brasher is a notice that is issued when further FAA action will
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  Greetings, About a year ago, I found myself thinking out loud that at least 2020 was almost over! The craziness and chaos that surrounded nearly every facet of life last year would be coming to an end. A big sigh of relief, and then January came along. 2021 has turned out to be equally challenging, but in entirely different ways. The supply chain issues last year
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    Winter weather is here, and the days are really becoming shorter. The Saturday morning fly outs for breakfast are having to start out at dawn to get to breakfast on time. It won’t be long before we will have to start at official sunrise and probably still be a bit late, unless you are authorized to fly at night, and take off before sunrise. Anyway, it sure is
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  By Howard Deevers Anyone with a pilot’s license in the U. S. knows that English is the established language for aviation. Since 2008, all pilots’ licenses issued have a statement on them: “English Proficient.” English, as the official language of aviation, was established in 1944 at a Convention in Chicago, in an effort to standardize aviation in many ways. Why
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent As I reported last month, we received a record number of forty applications for this year’s scholarship cycle. That is up from twenty-nine last year which is really encouraging based on the general upheaval we have experienced in our lives over the last two years. The scholarship committee has been hard at work
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  2021 TO DATE: Happy upcoming holidays to everyone; I hope Santa Claus is good to you, your family, and your airplane!   Below please find the latest NTSB data on fatal crashes here in Arizona.  So far, up thru the end of November of this year, the record still stands at 7 fatal accidents, with 8 fatalities (6 pilots and 2 passengers), with 2 accidents
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    By Mark Weiss Since its first event in 1973, Copperstate Fly-In has been bringing together aviation enthusiasts not only from the Valley of the Sun and the state of Arizona but also from across the United States. A few have even attended from overseas. Everyone in the aviation community has heard of EAA Airventure. Many pilots and enthusiasts make the